Nearly 100 000 tons of end-of-life textiles are generated in Finland each year. In 2023, separate collection of these textiles will begin in Finland. The focus of Kuituus -podcast is to encourage companies to utilize recycled textile fiber as their raw material.
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The podcast's topical discussions, including pioneering industry examples and researchers, revolve around the qualities of recycled textile fiber as well as its business opportunities. The podcast is in Finnish. The episodes and accessibility transcriptions can be found in Finnish here: www.aalto.fi/fi/podcastit/kuituus.

The podcasts are a part of Kuituus -project, which aims at encouraging different companies from the manufacturing industry to explore the possibilities of recycled textile fiber as the raw material of their products. The podcast is hosted by the Kuituus project manager Sini Suomalainen. The project is funded by Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation. More information and materials about the project and recycled textile fiber in Finnish www.kuituus.aalto.fi

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