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The Kahvit Näppikselle -podcast asks what technology can teach us about the world, relationships, and ourselves, and explains in an entertaining way how technology plays a key role in solving different kinds of problems. It shows how computer science is involved in basically everything. The language of the podcast is Finnish.

Latest episodes

Links open to spotify.com. Note that the language of the podast is Finnish.

By the way, due to Finland's big role in information technology industry and research, Finnish quite widely used language in the field. Listening Kahvit näppikselle is a great way to learn Finnish, so give it a try.

Aalto University podcast 'Kahvit näppikselle' illustration

Kvanttimekaniikka vaikuttaa käsittämättömältä... (external link)

Mikko Möttönen Kahvit näppikselle-podcastin vieraana.

Aalto University podcast 'Kahvit näppikselle' illustration

Onko kaikki maailman kuvat jo otettu? (external link)

Jaakko Lehtinen Kahvit näppikselle-podcastin vieraana.

Kahvit näppikselle -podcast’s second season guests are top researchers in the field of technology

Aalto University Department of Computer Science's podcast 'Kahvit näppikselle' continues on 17 Sep with new episodes. Our podcast host Risto Sarvas will discuss various technology-related topics with researchers from Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, and the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence FCAI.

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Kahvit näppikselle is produced by the department of computer science.

PML Research Group in Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

To foster future science and society.

Artistic depiction of a bright light in space / made by Ray Scipak

School of Science

Science for tomorrow’s technology, innovations and businesses

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI (external link)

Nation-wide competence center for Artificial Intelligence in Finland.

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