Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu

Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu

School common, CHEM
Research assistant (preparing for doctoral thesis)
T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems
Doctoral Researcher
Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
Doctoral Researcher
Textile Chemistry
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Postal address
Vuorimiehentie 1 02150 Espoo Finland
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Research groups

  • Textile Chemistry, Doctoral Researcher


Thermal properties of wool: thermal degradation studies and fire-retardant properties

Melkie Getnet Tadesse, Esubalew Kasaw, Biruk Fentahun Adamu 2024 The Wool Handbook

Quality of digital textile printing

Biruk Fentahun Adamu, Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu, Bewuket Teshome Wagaye, Degu Melaku Kumelachew, Melkie Getnet Tadesse, Abdul Khalique Jhatial 2023 Digital Textile Printing

The effects of pretreatment on the surface roughness of plain-woven fabric by the Kawabata Evaluation System

Kura Alemayehu, Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu, Biruk Fentahun Adamu 2023 Textile Research Journal

Review of the sources, synthesis, and applications of nanocellulose materials

Belete Baye, Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu, Abrham Belayneh, Dagmawi Tesfaw, Tamrat Tesfaye 2023 Polymer Bulletin

Valorization of Banana Peel Using Carbonization: Potential Use in the Sustainable Manufacturing of Flexible Supercapacitors

Melkie Getnet Tadesse, Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu, Jörn Felix Lübben 2023 Micromachines

Comparison of antibacterial property of herbal plant–based bio-active extract loaded polymer electrospun nanofibrous mat wound dressings

Biruk Fentahun Adamu, Jing Gao, Shaojie Tan, Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu 2022 JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL TEXTILES

Self-Responsive Electrospun Nanofibers Wound Dressings: The Future of Wound Care

Biruk Fentahun Adamu, Jing Gao, Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu, Kura Alemayehu, Melkie Getnet Tadesse, Erkihun Zelalem Liyew 2022 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering

Derivation of Yarn Package Radius Measuring System for Yarn Winding Machines

Belete Baye Gelaw, Tamrat Tesfaye, Esubalew Kasaew 2022

Cellulosic-Based Conductive Hydrogels for Electro-Active Tissues: A Review Summary

Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu, Xiaofeng Sui, Biruk Fentahun Adamu, Kura Alemayehu, Melkie Getnet Tadesse 2022 Gels

Banana Peel and Conductive Polymers-Based Flexible Supercapacitors for Energy Harvesting and Storage

Melkie Getnet Tadesse, Esubalew Kasaw Gebeyehu, Biruk Fentahun Adamu, Emil Loghin, Jörn Felix Lübben 2022 Energies