Christine Mady

Senior University Lecturer
Senior University Lecturer
T201 Dept. Architecture
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211 Architecture, 9 Others

Honors and awards

Urban Studies Foundation (USF) International Fellowship

Granted for postdoctoral research
Granted funding (personal grants) Department of Architecture Jan 2014


Insurgent planning in a state of exception: The reopening of the Beirut Pine Forest, Lebanon.

Christine Mady, Saskia Ruijsink, Jessica Chemali, Els Keunen 2024 Insurgent Planning Practice

Beirut's violence palimpsest : Urban transformations, mnemonic spaces, and socio-temporal practices

Christine Mady 2023 The Spatiality and Temporality of Urban Violence : Histories, Rhythms and Ruptures

Overview of the Special Issue “New Frontiers in Design and Planning for Healthy Built Environments”

Alenka Fikfak, Saja Kosanovic, Matej Niksic, Christine Mady 2022 Sustainability

Meeting sustainable development goals via robotics and autonomous systems

Solene Guenat, Phil Purnell, Zoe G. Davies, Maximilian Nawrath, Lindsay C. Stringer, Giridhara Rathnaiah Babu, Muniyandi Balasubramanian, Erica E. F. Ballantyne, Bhuvana Kolar Bylappa, Bei Chen, Peta De Jager, Andrea Del Prete, Alessandro Di Nuovo, Cyril O. Ehi-Eromosele, Mehran Eskandari Torbaghan, Karl L. Evans, Markus Fraundorfer, Wissem Haouas, Josephat U. Izunobi, Juan Carlos Jauregui-Correa, Bilal Y. Kaddouh, Sonia Lewycka, Ana C. MacIntosh, Christine Mady, Carsten Maple, Worku N. Mhiret, Rozhen Kamal Mohammed-Amin, Olukunle Charles Olawole, Temilola Oluseyi, Caroline Orfila, Alessandro Ossola, Marion Pfeifer, Tony Pridmore, Moti L. Rijal, Christine C. Rega-Brodsky, Ian D. Robertson, Christopher D. F. Rogers, Charles Rouge, Maryam B. Rumaney, Mmabaledi K. Seeletso, Mohammed Z. Shaqura, L. M. Suresh, Martin N. Sweeting, Nick Taylor Buck, M. U. Ukwuru, Thomas Verbeek, Hinrich Voss, Zia Wadud, Xinjun Wang, Neil Winn, Martin Dallimer 2022 Nature Communications

Special Issue: Public space in the global north and south

Karina Landman, Christine Mady 2022 Built Environment

Uncovering Different Faces of Public Space in the Global North and South

Karina Landman, Christine Mady 2022 Built Environment

Navigating through Invisible Barriers: The Evolution of Immured Beirut

Christine Mady 2022 Boundaries and Restricted Places