Summer jobs (Research assistant positions) at the Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet)

Summer job topics include learning environment and material development for C, networking, UWB, MIMO, radio, and signals and systems courses

Comnet is a multi-disciplinary unit of research and higher education covering communications and networking technology, networking business and human aspects of communication and communications technology. In its area, Comnet is the largest unit in Finland. Comnet develops communications, information and teletraffic theory and conducts fundamental and applied experimental research in communications and networking technology. In shaping the Internet technology it is a significant force internationally.

Comnet has 10 professors, 112 employees and turnover of 8,3 M€. Approximately 55 MSc students and 10 PhD students get their degrees annually.

Join us to learn new technology!

We offer you a dynamic working environment and a ringside seat for the communication systems and networks research. Summer jobs are also an ideal way of gaining work experience along with study credits. Students without a Bachelor’s degree should have at least 120 credits by the beginning of June 2016. Salary basis: Job demand level 1 & number of credits in transcript. Maximum duration of the summer work contract is June 1st - August 31st, 2016.


should be sent to following email address: [email protected]

Email subject must be: Summer job 2016 nr. [Job number]

For example applications for Renewing the Laboratory Course in Internet Technologies, subject would be: Summer job 2016 nr. 3.

The applications can be written in English, Finnish or Swedish.

Your application should include:

  1. Short informal cover with justification why you are the person we are looking for,

  2. CV

  3. OODI transcript of records.

If you apply for more than one position please send a separate email for each position.

Closing date: March 04th, 2016, by 3 p.m.

1. Development of Online Learning Environment for the C programming course (1 position)

A!OLE is an Aalto-wide project that develops online solutions for more efficient and better learning for the needs of different courses. The C programming course is one of the pilot courses participating the A!OLE project. A major pedagogical challenge in the C course is its large number of students with very heterogeneous programming background.

This project will design and implement multiple improvements to the online course support system of the C programming course. The objectives include making the network material more interactive and better integrated with the exercises, improving the usability and performance of the exercise submission system in general, and making the course interface more consistent with the other programming courses at Aalto.

You will work together with a team of people developing the online learning environment in the A!OLE project. The work will be conducted in close collaboration between Department of Computer Science at SCI and Department of Communications and Networking at ELEC, with participants from both departments. We are looking for a person who is fluent implementing C programs and understands how the current C exercise system works, but can also develop software for common web application frameworks, such as Django or Ruby on Rails. We appreciate ability to quickly learn new application framework concepts, and capability of system-level thinking in an environment consisting of multiple distributed components, possibly implemented in different programming languages. You are hopefully proactive and have ideas about new pedagogically justified solutions and exercise models you can implement in the system under development.

Following skills are either required or considered positive merit:

  • C and C++ programming (required)

  • C and C++ unit testing frameworks (required)

  • Git version control system (required)

  • Good communication skills and ability to collaborate as a member of a larger team (required)

  • Unix process management and I/O concepts and APIs (positive merit)

  • Basic understanding of Django or Ruby on Rails (positive merit)

  • Producing and processing Markdown markup language (positive merit)

  • Basic understanding of SQL database systems (positive merit)

Contact person for further questions: Pasi Sarolahti ([email protected])

2. Development of Virtual Network Environment for Internet Technologies (1 position)

A virtual machine realizing virtual network environment has been used in Internet technologies course (ELEC-C7240) for two years. It has proven itself to be a useful environment to understand networking concepts. For the next academic year there are changes to the course structure and the environment will be updated to reflect new requirements.

Environment is based on Linux Containers. In addition to solid knowledge of Linux administration and networking, you must produce good documentation and instructions.

Contact person for further questions: Markus Peuhkuri ([email protected])

3. Renewing the Laboratory Course in Internet Technologies (1 position)

Student laboratory at Comnet provides opportunities students to have their hands dirty with real networking hardware. To get the best learning opportunities for our students, we both develop new tasks and improve existing ones. We would like you to have a good knowledge of networking technology (at least courses S-38.2188 and S-38.2121 or ELEC-C7240 or equivalent knowledge). You should be able to work with real devices (routers, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows) and produce good documentation. Previous experience of measurements (e.g., from laboratory courses S-38.2131 and S-38.3133) is also valued highly.

Contact person for further questions: Markus Peuhkuri ([email protected])

4. Developing new teaching and research platform using UWB (Ultra Wideband), MIMO (Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output) measurement equipment and 60 GHz radio link test (1 position)

Studies in Communications engineering (either radio technology or transmission systems) are a necessary qualifying requirement for these jobs. Previous experience of measurements (e.g., from laboratory courses S-72.2311, S-72.3251 or ELEC-E7250, S-72.3310 or ELEC-E7410) is also valued highly. Note that, in addition to completing your task, you will also have to document it well.

Contact person for further questions: Viktor Nässi ([email protected])

5. Developing exercises for the radio communication laboratory works (1 position)

We are in a process of upgrading laboratory works in wireless communication laboratory course. During this summer work your task is to convert old laboratory exercises about receiver transmitter linearity to new hardware. The exercises will contain creation of measurement set up with signal generator and spectrum analyzer. The measurement will be accompanied with theoretical analysis that uses Matlab model of the same measurement set up. Your task is to make the Matlab code and the laboratory work measurement system. The system will be documented as laboratory exercise. You are expected to have a solid knowledge of radio transmission methods (e.g. courses Transmission methods and Digital transmission methods or ELEC-C7230) and good writing skills.

Contact person for further questions: Kalle Ruttik ([email protected])

6. ELEC-A7200 - Signaalit ja järjestelmät –kurssin oppimateriaalin kehittäjä (1 position)

Tietoliikenne- ja tietoverkkotekniikan laitos etsii oppimateriaalin kehittämisestä kiinnostunutta kesätyöntekijää uudistamaan kurssin ELEC-A7200 kotitehtäviä ja luentomateriaalia. Tehtävän menestyksellinen hoitaminen edellyttää signaalien ja järjestelmien syvällistä tuntemusta sekä Matlab-ohjelmointitaitoa.

This position is about B.Sc level course material development. The course is lectured in Finnish. Some of the material will be also made available in Swedish and English. Hence, we expect the candidates to be fluent in Finnish, and have good English and at least basic Swedish skills.

Contact person for further questions: Riku Jäntti ([email protected])

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