Aalto Internal Funding Call 2022 - For Cooperation Initiatives with Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Aalto is offering financial support for cooperation initiatives with SUTD and TUM for the year 2022. Proposals should match the Aalto university strategy and highlight how they support or further develop the strategic partnership between the institutions. The total budget for the call is up to 45,000 Euros for SUTD and up to 45,000 euros for TUM. The funding needs to be used by the end of 2022.
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The call for funding has two application periods,8.4.–28.4.2022 and 8.8.–29.8.2022. The second application period will be followed only in the case of adequate number of proposals are not received and the funding is not fully allocated during the first round of applications.  For the DL 28.4., the funding allocation is after a brief evaluation process. The funding decisions will be announced by 23.5. If an overwhelming number of applications are received in the first application period, the applications ranked highest will be selected for the funding. In the case of a second application round the remaining funding will be pooled and partner specific budget-caps may be removed.  

Descriptions on the funding, evaluation criteria, evaluation process and application, are given in the text below.


The funding is available in the following categories,


Funding (Euros)

Examples of activity (suggestive and not exhaustive)


Up to 2,500

Short visits for exploring/developing collaboration, networking meetings etc.


Up to 5,000

Short stays for joint work, joint studios, workshops etc.


Up to 15,000

Research cooperation, larger workshops, joint teaching, other forms of cooperation projects etc.


The funding supports activities that,

  • Aim to strengthen and develop the partnerships deeper and long-term, and
  • Are in alignment with Aalto strategy.

The funded activities will,

  • Identify, develop or test new ways of cooperation (for ex, services, entrepreneurship etc.,) that add value to the Aalto-SUTD or Aalto-TUM partnership, or
  • Develop, pilot, sustain or intensify mutually beneficial cooperation (e.g. in education, research or services)

The funding covers,

  • Travel costs for Aalto faculty, staff and students.
  • Costs that may include, e.g.,
    • Meetings / visits in preparation of joint projects
    • Networking events, such as workshops and seminars to bring together faculty, staff and/or students to strengthen existing collaborations and foster new links. 
    • Collaborative events involving staff and students from both institutions to explore new ideas for cooperation.
    • Consumables (stationary, workshop material, etc.) and catering for joint events.


  • In the case of SUTD: The travel costs for SUTD faculty, staff or students are not covered.
  • In the case of TUM: Direct travel costs for TUM faculty, staff or students can be covered. This is in alignment with TUM’s Global Incentive funding for Aalto. 
  • Salaries are expected to be covered by applicant’s respective department/school.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The applicant is an employee of Aalto University, with a current work contract at Aalto University at least until the end of 2022.
  • The proposal
    • is clear, logical and realistic;
    • clearly highlights how the proposal supports or further develops the strategic partnership between the institutions; lists the expected outcomes (for the partnership) and the next steps for further development
    • clearly shows the potential for the partnership and the collaborators involved and,
    • shows keen interest and support from the partner organization.

Evaluation process

Proposals are evaluated by the Global Engagement team, and the final funding decisions are made by Kirsi Kettula, Head of Global Engagement.

Application format and submission

Please fill in the application form at: “Project proposal”

Final reporting

Free form description including the progress of the project, the outcomes, and the next steps in 1-3 power point slides to [email protected] Deadline for reporting not later than 15.12.2022.

For more info, please contact,

[email protected] (for SUTD) and [email protected] (for TUM).

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