Management of School of Chemical Engineering

Doctoral Programme Committee

Doctoral Programme Committee for the School of Chemical Engineering
Functional Materials major, Laboratory research

Tasks of the Doctoral Programme Committee:

  • To develop the content of the Doctoral Programme and the general studies in the School of Chemical Technology
  • To present to School's Academic Committee the suggestion for doctoral research fields
  • To present to Dean the acceptance of new doctoral students
  • To present to Dean the change of research field and supervising professor
  • Approval of doctoral student's study plan, also changes to study plan or/and change of supplementary field
  • Approval of the subject for thesis, language, supervising professor and thesis advisor
  • Approval of preliminary examiners for doctoral dissertation manuscript
  • To give a permission to publish the doctoral dissertation
  • Acceptance and grading of doctoral thesis
  • Approval of examiners for licentiate thesis
  • Acceptance and grading of licentiate thesis
  • Other tasks related to doctoral education


Chairman of the Doctoral Programme Committee is Prof. Markus Linder 

Committee members:
Prof. Mauri Kostiainen (vice chairman)
Prof. Jan Deska
Prof. Mark Hughes
Prof. Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen
Prof. Lasse Murtomäki

Doctoral student Deepika Dahiya

Deputy members: Prof. Riikka Puurunen, doctoral student Syed Farhan Ali

Referendary / Secretary:  Sirje Liukko, Study Officer (tel. +358 50 577 3736, P.O.Box 16100)

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