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The Aalto University Mentoring Programme for alumni and students

Student, do you need help in considering your career options and finding your own strengths? Discussion support and experience-based perspectives from a senior expert? An opportunity to tackle your future career dreams and self-development?

Alumni, are you ready for open dialogue, to share your experiences, knowledge and skills and develop your sparring skills? Do you want to meet the newest Aalto generation and join our interdisciplinary mentor network? Do you want to discover new cultural perspectives?
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In the Aalto University Mentoring Programme, students are provided with the opportunity to meet with people who are already part of working life and develop their own abilities and expertise. The programme provides its participants with mutual benefits and collaborative opportunities. Every year, the programme brings together three hundred Finnish and foreign students and alumni, both in Finland and abroad. The programme is a meeting ground for different fields, disciplines, nations and generations.


Alumni, apply as a mentor for the mentoring season 2020-2021. The student application is closed.

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What is mentoring

Mentoring is based on a goal-focused, long-term, and discussion-oriented relationship whose cornerstones include mutual openness, confidentiality and commitment. While workplace mentoring usually focuses on transferring knowledge and introducing people to the operational culture of their workplace, student mentoring focuses on providing students with the opportunity to discuss their wishes and dreams for their careers, studies as well as life together with experienced mentors.

Mentoring focuses on sharing experiences, perspectives and skills and learning from another person’s experiences. A successful mentoring process requires activity and commitment from both the mentee and mentor. It is the mentee’s responsibility to ensure that the mentoring process proceeds in a goal-oriented manner with regular meetings. At its best, the mentoring process is a two-directional and interactive relationship that is beneficial for both the mentee and mentor.

The content of the programme

A key part of the mentoring programme is the one-to-one meetings between the mentee and mentor that are arranged around once per month. The one-year mentoring programme begins in September for all mentoring pairs with a common kick-off event, where the participants are informed about the programme’s purpose and goals. The mentoring pairs are also provided with a mentoring guidebook that has been created specifically for the programme. The programme concludes with a common event in March. Mentors and mentees are provided with peer support in separate events. Both mentors and mentees are also welcomed to arrange joint meetings and organisation visits during the programme. Most events are arranged in English. To encourage networking among participants, we recommend both mentors and mentees to sign up the social media channels of the mentoring programme

Remote mentorship

Until now, most of the mentoring meetings have been organised as face-to-face discussions between a mentor and mentee. In the time of the coronavirus epidemic and changing working culture, the remote mentoring will play an increasing role. There are also a few mentors living abroad or outside from Helsinki region, as well as students studying abroad, for whom the face-to-face meetings are not even possible. In case the coronavirus situation is still actual in the autumn, mentoring meeting can or should be handled using communication platforms and tools, such as skype, Zoom or Teams, by email or on the phone. It would be good to take a stand for this scenario already when applying for the programme. When or if the epidemic is hopefully over by September, it is recommended to meet at least once face-to-face (in case a mentor and mentee lives in the same region). Building trust and communicating non-verbally are easier when you are physically in the same space.

From joint events, at least the kick-off in September will be offered online. If possible, “traditional” events, where mentors and mentees have a chance to get to know other participants, will be organised.

Become a mentee

You are eligible to apply as a mentee if you are a doing a Master´s degree at Aalto University and you have enrolled as an attending student when the programme starts in September.

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Become a mentor

The most important part of becoming a mentor is the willingness to share your experiences and skills to a student, to be present and listen. You can sign up as a mentor if you are a graduate of Aalto University or Aalto University Executive Education or their predecessors.

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