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Are you about to graduate but feel uncertain about your career direction? Would you like to discuss your options and broaden your career horizons? Learn from a seasoned professional and get advice on career design? Mentoring offers a great opportunity to learn about working life, connect with our alumni and get support for creating your own path!

You are eligible to apply as an actor (mentee), if you are a degree student in the master's phase and you are enrolled at the university when the programme starts in November.
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Would you like to become an actor?

Should I become an actor?

In Aalto University Mentoring Programme, mentoring refers to a long-term and goal-oriented conversational relationship, in which a working mentor acts as a sounding board, sparring partner, and supporter for the student being mentored, i.e. the actor. The topics discussed in mentoring are always based on the actor's personal needs and goals, and it is especially the actor's own development process.

With the help of mentoring, you can, among other things

  • find and clarify your own career goals and dreams
  • expand your knowledge of working life and alternative careers
  • develop your professional skills and improve your job search skills
  • develop your interaction and communication skills
  • challenge yourself to encounter new ideas and views
  • expand your network

To become an actor, it is essential that you are willing to develop yourself, you have an active attitude and you are ready to commit and take a proactive role in the mentoring process. Already when applying you should be ready to set targets for the mentoring and to your own progress. In one-on-one discussions with your mentor, an actor should have courage to bring out their own views, to give feedback and even disagree with the mentor. It is actor´s role to make sure that the mentoring process progress with regular meetings once a month. Mentor’s role is to provide support and inspiration and to be a sounding board for the actor’s ideas. An actor should keep in mind that it is not the mentor’s task to solve actor’s problems but to help an actor to solve the problems by themselves.

What does it take to become an actor?

Mentoring requires time and commitment. Before applying, please consider carefully whether you will have a motivation for the mentoring process along with your studies and potential job. We will prioritize those applicants who show motivation in their application. Remember that mentoring is for your own benefit.
What we expect from you as an actor:

  • Commitment to mentoring for the duration of the programme (from November to May) — also in the time of a possible exchange period
  • Playing an active role and taking the initiative in relation to the mentor
  • Open and confidential discussion with your mentor
  • Ability to set targets and agree on practical matters with the mentor
  • Understanding that the mentor is not expected to offer a job or an internship
  • Responding to mentoring-related inquiries and providing feedback
  • If any problems arise during the programme, contact the manager of the programme ([email protected])

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are mainly Aalto University graduates, alumni, who have at least four years of working experience after completing their degree. The pool of mentors is very heterogenous; There are experts, managers, leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, newly retired, people who have highly specialized in the certain field, people who have changed their career path, people with a big family, people living solo etc. Majority of mentors live in Helsinki region, but there are also mentors living outside capital area or abroad. What connects mentors is their willingness to help and support students with the concerns and questions students themselves have about working life and career. Mentors act in their role voluntarily, usually alongside to their day job.

You will find the descriptions of mentor candidates in the Application section during the student application period.

Do you already have a mentor candidate in your mind? Take courage and ask this person as your mentor. You may search a mentor candidate on LinkedIn or Aalto Alumni Circle. Thus, already “matched” mentoring pairs are welcomed to join the programme.

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