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Sustainability Science Days 2021 - Online
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Sustainability Science Days 2021: Destruction & Creativity

SSD is a two-day conference concentrating on radical changes that are indispensable for solutions to the sustainability crisis.
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Carbon-smart urban landscape

Welcome to the Carbon-smart Urban Landscape online seminar!
ONLINE LEARNING FORUM - Best practices and lessons learned
Online event

Online learning Forum

Welcome to the Online Learning Forum! This online event is taking place on 3rd and 4th of May at 10:00. May 3 we will have a panel discussion on the future of education: how does the idea of Education as a Service affect research-based universities? May 4 we will have a workshop on Product development practices in online teaching and learning. No previous experience on product development methodology is needed.
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Online event
Good Life Engine: First steps colorful event banner with an illustration of a person and a dog
Online event

Good Life Engine: The student has become the teacher

Join the semester’s last Good Life Engine open session to see our students get on the stage and take the role of teachers!

Tuned quasiparticle injection and extraction in non-equlibrium superconductors

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminars (Zoom). Speaker: Marco Marı́n-Suárez (Aalto University, Department of Applied Physics)
Online event
Online event
AQP seminar



Defence of doctoral thesis in the field of Micro- and nanosciences, M.Sc.(Tech.) Kirill Isakov

The title of the thesis is Grass-Like Aluminum Oxide: Fabrication and Applications
Press release figure Verrinder

Defence of doctoral thesis in the field of Electronics Integration and Reliability, M.Sc.(Tech.) Elsi Verrinder

The title of the thesis is Carbon-based hybrid nanomaterials for electrochemical detection of opioids
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Defence of doctoral thesis in the field of Micro- and nanosciences, M.Sc. Camilla Tossi

The title of the thesis is Nanomaterials for photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic conversion of solar energy
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Defence of dissertation in the field of Processing of Materials, M.Sc (tech.) Ted Nuorivaara

The title of the dissertation is: Improving sulphide-mineral flotation with sustainable cellulose-based frother formulations
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