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Julia Lohmann's Hidaka Ohmu at A Bloc shopping centre. Photo: Mikko Raskinen
Exhibitions and fairs

Seaweed pavilion Hidaka Ohmu

The installation Julia Lohmann designed for the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2020, is on display at the A Bloc shopping centre in Otaniemi.
KAUTE talks x Aalto University on diversity
Online event

KAUTE talks x Aalto University: Diversity and inclusion in organisations

Aalto University and KAUTE Foundation invite you to an online event on Tuesday 2 February at 9–10.30. The morning is hosted by Professor Rebecca Piekkari. Join us for an insightful and inspiring morning!
Laser Talks Helsinki Espoo Aalto University
Online event

LASER Talks: Adaptation and Bodies in Context

In what ways are we (humans) as a species able to adapt to the changes in our habitat and environment? And what does that imply?
Architecture speaks logo
Lectures and seminars

ARCHITECTURE SPEAKS! series of lectures

International lecture series continues with new inspirational speakers.
Illustrative banner for the From Lab to Market event
Online event

From Lab to Market vol. 3

Stories about science-based entrepreneurship!
a grid photo of steel and glass elements in beige
Conferences and workshops

peripheries in parallax: BRAVE NEW PERIPHERIES

The event is a series of four 1-day online Conferences mapping out the implications and alliances of ‘peripheries’ and ‘peripheral approaches’ through art, artistic research and related fields in society.

Layering Cellulose: Recyclable bio-material for structural purposes in furniture, interiors and architecture

Construction industry consumes a lot of materials, which also often are not biodegradable, bio-based or recyclable.
Exhibitions and fairs
Vuorimiehentie 2A
Mon-Fri 12-18 (for Aalto community only)
laminated white structures against a black background

Capturing microplastics and pharmaceuticals from waste water

Hormones and other pharmaceuticals ending up in bodies from natural waters are a globally significant environmental problem.
Exhibitions and fairs
Bridge, 2nd floor
Nanocellulose yarn that captures hormones from waste water. Photo: FINNCERES

Naturally Dramatic

Sustainable costume design is still in its early days. Despite efforts to move to 'greener' processes, stage and film productions still make costumes in traditional ways with little regard for their impact on the environment or employees.
Exhibitions and fairs
School of Chemical Engineering building
Kemistintie 1
Colourful costume made with sustainable, natural materials by Urs Dierker

What’s cooking? Bio-based material experiments by CHEMARTS

From a bio-adhesive to reed panels and cellulose foam, a unique work created in collaboration with designers and biomaterial researchers shows what natural materials can do.
Exhibitions and fairs
FK Lobby
Bioslime by Chiao-wen Hsu & Yu Chen. Photo: Eeva Suorlahti

The Alder Project - How to understand forests

The project documents a zero-waste approach: how an alder tree can be cut down, researched and used for furniture while leftovers are processed as a new fibre-based biomaterial.
Exhibitions and fairs
Vuorimiehentie 2A
Mon-Fri 12-18 (for Aalto community only) For non-Aalto visitors please pre-book your visit:
cutting down an alder tree in a green forest scenery with a bright summery sky

BATCircle – Circular ecosystem of battery metals

Learn more about responsible sourcing, refining and production of active battery materials as well as efficient recycling of end-of-life batteries needed for ongoing energy and mobility transitions.
Exhibitions and fairs
K Corridor
Battery recycling_photo Valeria Azovskaya

Ecological traveling by train

Travelling by train is a far more ecological way to travel than flying, but its image could use a facelift.
Exhibitions and fairs
LQ lobby
Train Brag by Anni Tolvanen, Iina Silventoinen and Akseli Manner

Solar energy through ChemisTree

Is it possible to use trees in electricity production? Surprisingly, yes, it is! Transparent cellulose films enable greater efficiency of solar cells through their haze effect.
Exhibitions and fairs
K Corridor
Solar Energy Through ChemisTree Photo: Glen Forde

Makers of Landscapes - Viewpoints on landscape architecture

Landscape architecture is a multidisciplinary field, combining architecture, natural sciences and technology, and it has many solutions to climate change.
Exhibitions and fairs
Undergraduate Centre
Otakaari 1 X
Beta Space
people sitting and walking around in a park in summery sunset

Printable solar cell technologies for smart buildings

Imagine a decorative solar cell that could be integrated into modern buildings without compromising their aesthetics.
Exhibitions and fairs
K corridor
Printable solar cell technologies. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya

Consume consciously

Household consumption accounts for more than 60 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 50–80 per cent of total land, material and water use.
Exhibitions and fairs
Designs for a Cooler Planet Consume Consciously

Farewell to fossil fuels

More than half of our energy still comes from fossil fuels. No single technology can replace our reliance on them.
Exhibitions and fairs
Otaniementie 14
Designs for a Cooler Planet Farewell to fossil fuels



Defence of dissertation in the field of Chemical Engineering, M.Sc (tech.) Antti Korpi

The title of the dissertation is: Electrostatic Self-Assembly of Protein Cage -Based Hybrid Materials

Defence in the field of mechanical engineering Hanyang Gong M.Sc. (Tech)

Name of dissertation "Discrete-element modelling of ship interaction with unconsolidated ice ridges: ridge resistant and failure behaviour

Defence in the field of mechanical engineering Jarkko Laine M.Sc. (Tech)

Name of the dissertation "Ductile iron modelling and optimisation for mechanically and thermally loaded components"

Opponent; Professor Alberto Molinari, University of Trento, Department of Industrial Engineering, Povo, Italy

Opponent; Professor Juhani Orkas, Allto University, School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Defence of dissertation in the field of Chemical Engineering, M.Sc (tech.) Irene Coronado

The title of the dissertation is: Catalytic Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Biorefinery Water Fractions
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