WHEN LIGHT ECHOES – Aalto University Media Lab Students’ Exhibition in Seoul Korea May 26th-31st 2019

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Seven Students from Finland, Aalto Media Lab, will exhibit for the second time in Seoul. 
The ideation for this year’s exhibition started with approaching Korean poems called ‘sijos’ and ended up with the theme ‘When Light Echoes’. The outcome of the exhibition is a space specific digital art experience which explores the etherealness of light creating a magical, unworldly like experience. 

A light echo is a physical phenomenon caused by light reflected off surfaces and returning to the observer with a relative delay. In this installation the viewer observes the input of hand motion returned to them in an audiovisual form. Moving hand slowly inside the frame the user can examine how the visuals and sounds reflect her movement.
The work is created with software tools Kinect, Processing and Pure Data. 

Students from Aalto ARTS Media Lab: Punit Hiremath, Sannimari Honkanen, Olli Ketonen, Reishabh Kailey, Cheong Un Lee, Thu Nguyen, Hanna Thenor Årström, and Jung Huh from KAIST.

The exhibition has been produced during Spring 2019 in the context of Production Clinic -course.

Take a look behind the scenes:

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