Visualizing Knowledge 2021

This year’s conference will feature field experts in data democracy, as well as lightning talks and two unique demonstrations, all with themes of data visualization.
Visualizing Democracy VK21

Visualizing Democracy

VK21 invites you into a collective exploration of democracy and the role of knowledge visualization in democracy. Now, more than ever, the visualization of knowledge plays a vital role in the democratic process. Topics we will explore include; open data, visualizations in elections, government reports for decision-makers, democratic journalism, the accessibility of data and information, and the visualization of global themes and concerns.

The two-day (Online) conference Visualizing Knowledge 21 brings together visualization experts, researchers, educators, innovators, and enthusiasts to envision how we can make democracy more visual, and thereby, enabling more people to be informed participants in democracy. We will collaboratively ideate and imagine how data visualization and information design can be utilized to unleash the potential of democracy.

Data can not only enable, but contribute to, democracy.

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PROGRAM 27-28 May


(+03:00 EEST)    
  Opening Words    
12:45 Philip Dean,
Rupesh Vyas
Department of Media, Aalto University @rupvectra
13:00 Sarah Nankivell Forensic Architecture:
Methods and practice
  John McClure,
Simon Scarr
Information graphics approaches
at Thomson Reuters
  Topi Tjukanov Open source tools in visualization
- free beer or free as in freedom?
14:45 Break    
15:00 Johan Himberg Transparent AI @ingaskrap
  Fabio Bergamaschi Beautiful News about Democracy @FabBergamaschi
  Lightning talks    
16:00 Adina Renner Beyond the PDF @adinarenner
  Pei-Yu Lin The Scenery Along The Road @peiyuno
  Olli Ketonen The Pulse of Tripla @ketonenmusic
16:15 Networking Break    
16:40 Mollie Pettit If you build it, they will come @MollzMP
17:30 Closing of Day1    


(+03:00 EEST)

  Opening of Day2    
12:45 Stella Keppo,
Rupesh Vyas
13:00 Federica Cocco,
John Burn-Murdoch
Communicating statistics
in the age of short attention spans
  Jonas Vikan Land of leaks @jonasav
  Irene de la Torre Arenas Fostering public participation
through data visualization
14:30 Break    
14:45 Jonatan Hildén,
Timo Aho,
Pekka Niittyvirta
Submerging Streetview:
The creation of Coastline Paradox
  Lightning talks    
15:15 Kalle Järvenpää Open-Sourcing
Voting Advice Applications
  Boeun Kim Designing for Inclusivity  
  Mustafa Saifee AirQ Data Portal:
Making Air Pollution Visible
  Sini Kerminen,
Nicola Cerioli
Visualization of the
Genetic Ancestry within Finland
16:00 Networking Break    
16:40 Mollie Pettit,
Mike Freeman
Observable Plot:
17:30 Closing Words  



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