Machine Learning Coffee seminar: Sampsa Hautaniemi, University of Helsinki "Machine learning in cancer research and oncology"

Helsinki region machine learning researchers will start our week by an exciting machine learning talk. Coffee is served at 9:00 and the talk will begin at 9:15
Machine Learning Coffee Seminar, image: Matti Ahlgren

Machine Learning in Cancer Research and Oncology

Sampsa Hautaniemi
Professor of System Biology
University of Helsinki


Medicine in general and oncology in particular is experiencing a paradigm shift where several molecularly targeted therapies have become available to patients; and many more will become in the future. This change is driven by the technological advances that have reduced the barriers to measure large amounts of data at pathophysiological and molecular levels from a cancer patient. Finding right drug to the right patient requires a joint effort where machine learning experts collaborate with translational and clinical experts. In this presentation I focus on on-going cancer research projects in the Faculty of Medicine where collaboration with the local machine learning community can lead to scientific breakthroughs and medical benefits.

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