Green Minds, Healthy Hearts - Social Sustainability Symposium May 30, 2023

Thank your for participating in symposium! The speeches from the symposium can be found behind the link below (limited period for non-Aalto viewers).

How can we create more sustainable communities with wellbeing in mind? How to transform our mindset from ego to eco? Join the dialogue at Aalto University about what social sustainability means in higher education at the Green Minds, Healthy Hearts – Social Sustainability Symposium by Oasis of Radical Wellbeing.
Green Minds, Healthy Hearts - Social Sustainability Symposium May 30 2023
Green Minds, Healthy Hearts - Social Sustainability Symposium

Green Minds, Healthy Hearts Social Sustainability Symposium recordings

Here you will find the symposium speeches. Please note, some of the material is available for a limited time and/or Aalto Community members only.

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Audience in Aalto Learning Center, Espoo watching two persons on stage at the Green Minds, Healthy Hearts Social Sustainability Symposium, May 30th 2023.

Welcome to Green Minds, Healthy Hearts – Social Sustainability Symposium, where we bring together cutting-edge research and practical techniques to help your community thrive! This event is all about community engagement and transformation, resilience, community building, and embodied intelligence. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights, exchange ideas and networking. Get ready to discover new ways to support your community and create a brighter future for all!

Green Minds, Healthy Hearts features speakers with expertise from various fields related to sustainability, wellbeing, and social transformation. Otto Scharmer (M.I.T.) will talk about the importance of co-sensing and co-creating the future (remote presentation). İdil Gaziulusoy (Aalto) will discuss systemic change and the importance of changing institutions and value systems in creating a sustainable future. Liisa Postareff (HAMK) will share her research on the connections between teaching processes, learning, and academic wellbeing. Jani Romanoff (Aalto) will discuss how wellbeing is a source of sustainability. 

In addition to these presentations, several workshops will spark conversations on capacity building for social transformation, negotiating safer spaces, and connecting with ourselves through nature and embodied learning. 

On-site participants can join one of four workshops: Fon Krairiksh will facilitate a workshop on negotiating safer spaces. Sanni Saarimäki will lead a refreshing wellbeing walk outdoors, and Viivi Virtanen will facilitate an embodied learning workshop through process drama while Salvatore Ruggiero leads a discussion about inner development goals (IDGs).

Kirsi Hakio and Maria Joutsenvirta will lead a workshop titled "Resilience as a Collective Capacity - What Does It Really Take?"

Social sustainability in higher education is crucial for creating a positive impact in our communities. By bringing together experts and practitioners from various fields, the symposium aims to facilitate a discussion on how we can promote wellbeing and resilience in higher education. This event will inspire and equip participants with practical tools and knowledge to foster a sustainable and thriving academic environment. 

The Green Minds, Healthy Hearts - Social Sustainability Symposium is hosted by Sean Ricks and organized by Oasis of Radical Wellbeing at Aalto. The event language is English. The streaming link for remote participants will be added on this page closer to the event.

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Opening by host Sean Ricks.

Opening words by Vice president, Education, Petri Suomala, Aalto University 

12:10 Towards Resilience and Wellbeing – Steps taken, and to be taken by Professor Jani Romanoff, Aalto University 

Oasis of Radical wellbeing presents:

Publication of Frank Martela's Art of Living MOOC. Video greetings from University lecturer Frank Martela, Aalto University.

12:40 Keynote: Thinking Social Sustainability – A Leverage Points Perspective by Associate professor İdil Gaziulusoy, Aalto University 
13:25 20 minute break: coffee and tea 

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing presents:

Sonja - Compassion III, a short film produced by Oasis of Radical Wellbeing. Written by Merita Petäjä and directed by Eero Tiilikainen.

Discussion hosted by Psychologist and project manager Merita Petäjä, Oasis of Radical Wellbeing, Aalto University. 

14:05  Academic Wellbeing – The relations between teaching, learning and wellbeing of the learning community, Senior Research Scientist Liisa Postareff, HAMK

Workshops of choice (not shown in stream, only on-site in Otaniemi): 

  • Connect With Yourself on the campus wellbeing route by study psychologist Paula Sjöblom, Aalto University 
  • Nurturing Inner Development Goals: Experimenting with meditative practice, Dr Salvatore Ruggiero (University of Helsinki), prof. Maurizio Zollo & a personal development coach Valeria Berchicci
  • Negotiate Your Own Safer Space! Educational Planner in DEI, Citizens' Forum, PhD researcher, Fon Krairiksh, University of Helsinki.
  • Embodied Learning Through Process Drama, Principal Research Scientist Viivi Virtanen, HAMK
15:45 30 minute break: sandwiches (V), coffee and tea

Workshop: Resilience as a Collective Capacity - what does it really take? Dialogue facilitated by Researcher Kirsi Hakio and Dr. Maria Joutsenvirta, 


Erkka Laininen, Expert in Transformative Learning and Eco-Social Bildung, The OKKA Foundation for Teaching, Education and Personal Development.
Leni Grünbaum, doctoral researcher & leadership and team coach intrigued by the potential of embodied encounters to produce direction and create spaces for collaborative action. Aalto University, School of Business.
Maria Uusitalo, master’s student in International Design Business Management (BIZ), curious observer with an open mind, keen on creativity, intuition and empathy.

The presentation can be watched online, no online participation in the exercises.

17:45  15 minute break: smoothie (V)
18:00  Welcome back words by Tuomas Auvinen, Dean, ARTS, Aalto University.

Keynote: Leading from the Emerging Future by Dr. Otto Scharmer (remote from M.I.T.).
19:30  Casual networking and ending of the event 


Read more about the speakers and the workshops below!

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