CV, Cover Letter and Skills- seminar 2 December, 13:30-15:30

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CV, Cover Letter & Skills

Are you looking for work in Finland? Then please join for our one afternoon course CV, Cover Letter and Skills.

The event is a continuation to the event “Looking for work in Finland- introduction to best practice”- which we held 6 October 2020.

Aalto University together with Daniel Valtakari from Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland, TEK is giving an opportunity to discuss how to successfully apply for a job. Daniel will provide you useful tips on how to improve your CV and cover letters and how to understand your skills in order to perform better in job interviews.

The discussion will include an exchange of best practices.

This event series is a continuation on the two similar live events we had 2019. The events has proved to be useful providing access to job interviews for some attendees and even leading to employment!

We welcome everybody working at Aalto University, especially If you have come from abroad and are looking for a job in Finland or you are just curious, then join us.

In case your family member is looking for a job, you may forward this event to him/her as well.

Time: Wednesday 2 December 2020, between 13.30-15.30

Place: Teams seminar, online

After the event Daniel will remain online to answer your additional personal questions. E.g. you have the possibility to show  your CV and cover letter via Teams to the group and Daniel (Note: kindly remove all the personal data you do not wish to show public before you share your screen and  CV /cover letter documents)


No preregistration required.
At the time of event, please log in via this link.

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For further information contact:


Daniel Valtakari, [email protected]
Senior adviser at TEK
Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK
Helsinki, Finland

Jenni Ståhl, [email protected]
HR Specialist
Work Community Services (HR Services)
Aalto University

Minna Planman, [email protected]
HR Specialist
Work Community Services (HR Services)
Aalto University

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