Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

Speech communication technology

Speech communication technology aims at describing, explaining and reproducing communication by speech.
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The focus of the team is on fundamental research questions of speech communication. Some of the topics, particularly in speech transmission technology, are application-oriented and therefore studied jointly with ICT industry.

Our research has always been characterised by its interdisciplinary nature. Joint research has been conducted across science boundaries, especially with phoneticians, brain researchers, physicians, and mathematicians.

The research topics are various, but all of them address speech in one form or another. The main topics of our research are:

  • analysis and parameterisation of speech production
  • statistical parametric speech synthesis
  • enhancement of speech quality and intelligibility in mobile phones
  • robust feature extraction in speech and speaker recognition
  • occupational voice care and brain functions in speech perception.

The team has acquired funding from the Academy of Finland, the EU, Nokia, Tekes and Aalto University.

The research group is led by Professor Paavo Alku.

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