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Aalto Brain Centre seminar series, stimulating neuroscience synergies and collaboration across departments at the School of Science. Welcome!
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The Aalto Brain Centre (ABC) is a thematic centre at the School of Science (SCI), aiming to stimulate synergy and collaboration across department boundaries, in research on systems-level neuroscience, neuroimaging, and neurotechnology. ABC relies on the strong expertise of the school's research teams in neuroscience, neurotechnology, signal analysis, machine learning, network science, mathematical modeling, brain imaging, psychology, cognitive science, physics, and engineering, among others.

As part of the ABC initiative, we host the ABC Seminar series, inviting scholars in different fields of neuroscience to give talks on their coolest and newest projects. The presenters at the ABC seminars include researchers from different departments and schools within Aalto, as well as visitors. The idea is to promote a space for informal conversation, networking, discussion of new ideas, improvement of current projects, and general brainstorming within the ABC community. 

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Upcoming seminars

February 16th 2023, at 15:00.

Topic? Neural networks and neuronal-glial interactions as information processing systems (Click to see the event info)

Who? Simo Vanni (Helsinki University) & Marja-Leena Linne (Tampere University)

More details coming soon! Stay tuned!


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Lectures and seminars

ABC Seminar: Neural networks and neuronal-glial interactions as information processing systems

Simo Vanni and Marja-Leena Linne will present and discuss their research on the role of neurons, neural networks and neuronal-glial interactions in information processing.

Past ABC Seminars

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