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Smart PhoRa (2021-2023)

Metrology Research Institute was involved in European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) Project, Smart PhoRa “Supporting smart specialization and stakeholder linkage in Photometry and Radiometry”

Reliable measurement capability in photometry and radiometry is required to support industry, regulation and research related to lasers and LED power, lighting and safe illumination, the optical appearance of products, fibre optics, photovoltaics and solar cells, to name a few. The overall aim of the project was to enable emerging NMIs/DIs to develop their metrological knowledge and expertise concentrated in areas that were important to their specific needs of the stakeholders within their region with respect to smart specialisation in the field of photometry and radiometry.

The specific objectives of the project were to provide training and transfer knowledge to enable emerging NMIs/DIs to develop their metrological knowledge and expertise in the field of photometry and radiometry to support smart-specialisation (i) under consideration of the specific national and regional stakeholder needs, (ii) based on the identified stakeholder needs presented in workshops on support, collaboration and coordination held within the TC-PR, (iii) by improving the linkage between NMIs and stakeholders based on enhanced expertise and (iv) by building mutual trust between the project partners.

In this project Metrology Research Institute of Aalto University (MRI) worked jointly with CSIC, the NMI of Spain, in WP2 to provide expertise and knowledge transfer on gonioreflectometry. MRI also received knowledge transfer and training on the measurement of gloss in WP2. MRI needed to improve its knowledge and measurement infrastructure in the field of photovoltaics and thus improve its service quality, hence in WP4 MRI received support from PTB, the NMI of Germany, on several measurement techniques related to photovoltaics and on the realisation of the traceability of the measurements.

Contact person: Farshid Manoocheri

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