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Photometry is the measurement of visible light as perceived by humans. Our current focus is on increasing the accuracy of the energy efficiency measurements of novel light sources, such as LEDs and OLEDs.
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Accurate measurement of light sources is of key importance due to the high energy consumption of lighting. To determine the energy efficiency of a lamp, both its luminous flux, light output as perceived by humans, and the active electrical power consumed need to be measured accurately. Both of these measurements pose challenges, especially when novel light sources, such as light emitting diodes (LEDs), are measured.

Metrology Research Institute is equipped with a wide range of photometric equipment, such as integrating sphere detectors and sources, standard lamps, photometers, and luminance meters, which allow us to perform measurements and calibrations on all key photometric quantities. These key quantities include luminous intensity, illuminance, luminous flux, and luminous efficacy.

Current projects related to photometry

The photometry subgroup is currently running or participating in the following projects. Get more information by opening them with a click and then optionally following the link to local project pages. 

Past projects related to photometry

The group has succesfully completed the following photometry projects in the past years:

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