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MeTISQ (2020-2024)

Metrology Research Institute is involved in project MeTISQ – “Metrology for Testing the Implementation Security of Quantum Key Distribution Hardware” financed by the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR).

Metrology Research Institute (MRI) participates in the work package 1 (WP1), Metrology for implementation security of detectors in QKD (quantum key distribution) receiver modules. WP1 aims to develop certifiable methods for the characterisation and the prevention of hardware vulnerabilities in practical QKD systems. Implementation security aims to study the vulnerabilities of QKD systems and to develop the most suitable techniques to remove them. 

detector setup
Figure 1. Principal scheme of an optical system for detecting side beams with a hybrid trap detector in a quantum key distribution (QKD) system.

MRI contributed to prepare a hybrid trap detector consisting of a Si and InGaAs photodiode for monitoring side beams in the optical communication system as depicted in Figure 1. By using a fibre beam-splitter (FBS), a fraction of light of the order of 10% is directed into the hybrid trap detector (HT). If undesired light is present at any modulation frequency in addition to the weak QKD beam, then a signal can be observed by the Si or InGaAs photodiode [1].


1. Aigar Vaigu, Toomas Kübarsepp, Matt Rammo, and Erkki Ikonen, Hybrid trap detector sensitive at visible and telecom wavelengths, submitted

Farshid Manoocheri

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