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MeLiDos (2023-2025)

Metrology Research Institute is involved in project MeLiDos – ” Metrology for Wearable Light Loggers and Dosimeters” financed by the European Partnership on Metrology (EPM).
View in the sun
Ambient light with reflections may cause surprising doses of wide-spectrum radiation.

Evoluton of Light Dosimetry: The MeLiDos Project (2023-2025)

Join us in a transformative journey as the Metrology Research Institute takes part in the EPM project MeLiDosMetrology for Wearable Light Loggers and Dosimeters.

Project Overview

The MeLiDos project is driven by a vision: to introduce metrology to light dosimeters, particularly focusing on light loggers tailored to meet the demands outlined by CIE S 026 for measuring melanopsin-related metrics. Our goal is to not only deliver essential metrics, procedures, and guidelines based on real-world scenarios but to also pave the way for addressing the ever-evolving normative standards.

Coordinated by the Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais (LNE), France, this collaborative effort is a tapestry woven with the expertise of participants spanning across Europe. At the Metrology Research Institute, we're privileged to contribute our insights to this initiative.

Our Role in Illuminating Progress

Within this project, our institute is poised to share our understanding of measuring and developing light sources, coupled with our prowess in radiometer characterization and UV measurements. We will take part in WP1, mostly related to portable UV dosimeters.

Fig 2. Measuring equipment at the measuring site.

Ushering in New Horizons

Recent times have witnessed the emergence of new standardized metrics for gauging the physiological, non-visual impacts of light—encompassed within CIE S 026. In parallel, wearable light loggers, also known as light dosimeters, have come to the forefront as pivotal tools for measuring an individual's light dose. However, the road to characterizing these dosimeters is riddled with challenges, stemming from the need to balance wearability and affordability.

Equipping Communities for Excellence

At its core, MeLiDos strives to equip both the scientific and industrial communities with the vital tools they require. We're committed to providing essential resources, including best practice guides, that empower the characterization and utilization of wearable light loggers.

A Vision for Progress

Through the MeLiDos project we're shaping the future of light's impact on our well-being. By pioneering a metrological approach, we're unlocking new dimensions of accuracy, reliability, and understanding. 

 Petri Kärhä

Petri Kärhä

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