CANCELED / Aalto 10 km & 5 km sports event Sunday 19.9.2021

Due to the current corona situation, Aalto University has decided to postpone this year's sports event to next year, ie the 2021 event has been canceled! Those who have already registered will also receive a notice of cancellation from the Espoo rantamaraton. For those who have registered as marathons and volunteers on 19 September 2021, the cancellation of the Aalto 10 k & 5 k event has no effect, ie those who have registered for marathons can participate on 18 September 2021 and the volunteers can volunteer for the Espoo rantamaraton.
uusi kuva aalto 10 k & 5k tapahtumaa varten
Aalto 10km/5km
Picture of Unisport's body class

Body livestream class for Aalto community on Friday 17 September

Enjoy the movement and muscle training with catchy, upbeat music and join BODY class only for Aalto people - welcome all staff and students!

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