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Topics for meetings

Mentoring is primarily based on the actor's own needs. The basic themes of the discussions support the career design of the actor and vary from identifying strengths and weighing alternatives to developing skills.
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Ideas for discussion topics

  • Course choices, completing studies
  • Thesis topics
  • Recruitment channels, companies' recruitment processes, what things are sought from graduates in recruitment
  • Making contacts, getting to know people in the industry
  • Skills and capabilities needed for working life
  • Familiarisation with the mentor's workplace, visits to industry organisations with the mentor
  • Researching a certain field/subject area and gathering realistic information about the development of the field
  • Doing case-based project work and following the right project in the mentor's work community
  • Special issues of an international career
  • Considering different jobs and functions
  • Salary requests and negotiations
  • Entrepreneurship, freelance work
  • Life philosophy
  • Identifying strengths
  • Clarification of values
  • Ideation of different career paths
  • Criteria for choosing a job
  • Ethics of working life, rules of the game of working life
  • Integration of working life and private life
  • Balancing professional and other identities
  • Impact of working career
  • Meeting different people in the work community
  • Teamwork and the necessary skills
  • Supervisor-subordinate relationship, supervisor skills, subordinate skills
  • Adaptation to the work community
  • Dealing with stress
  • Interaction situations and negotiations
  • Management skills and management development
  • Communication in workplaces
  • Problematic situations in working life and how to tackle them
  • Lifelong and lifewide learning
  • Learning from failure
  • The position of minorities in working life
Tips and tools for mentoring
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