Programme of the Ceremonial Conferment 2019 at the Schools of Technology

The Aalto University schools of technology will hold their Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees on Friday 14 June 2019 at Dipoli.

The School of Electrical Engineering is the school responsible for organising the 2019 Ceremonial Conferment.

The Ceremonial Conferment is a festive event that has long-standing traditions at Aalto University. Every student who completed their doctoral degree in technology between 1 June 2018 and 30 April 2019 is invited to participate in the 2019 Ceremonial Conferment.

Ceremonial conferment programme 2019:

Please notice that this is a preliminary programme: even though the  events below are confirmed, the timetables might still slightly change. The final programme will be published later this spring.

Thursday, 13.6.2019





Honorary Doctors' general rehearsals

Dipoli, Kaleva Hall


Promovendi general rehearsals

Dipoli, Kaleva Hall

Friday, 14.6.2019





Moment to breathe

U358 hall, Otakaari 1 M, Espoo


Act of Conferment

Dipoli, Kaleva hall


Sparkling wine, break

Dipoli, Capitolium


Possibility for an official portrait

Dipoli (tbd)


Guests arrive through Juhlaovi, sparkling wine

Dipoli, Capitolium


Conferment banquet and ball

Dipoli, Kaleva hall



Dipoli, Käpy and Events lobby


Traditional ball dance, Polonaise
Traditional dance, polonaise

Traditional ballroom dances

The traditional ballroom dances that make up a portion of the conferment ceremony are the polonaise, cicapo, mignon and grande valse .

Dance rehearsals:

If you plan on participating in the dances, we recommend attending at least one of the rehearsal sessions. Attending a rehearsal will also give us an idea of how many dancers to expect, which is especially helpful in the case of the polonaise.

The ballroom dance rehearsals will be arranged in Dipoli, Kaleva-hall on:

  • Sunday, 9.6. at 18-21
  • Wednesday, 12.6. at 18-21


The participation fee for the 2019 Ceremonial Conferment is 50 €.

The registration will start during the spring. Preregistration is possible by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

Arrangements 2019

The School of Electrical Engineering is the school responsible for organising the 2019 Ceremonial Conferment.

Ceremonial Conferment Committee:

A committee was formed for organising the Ceremonial Conferment. The committee’s membership includes the following:

  • Vice Dean Vesa Välimäki (School of Electrical Engineering): chair
  • Professor Ari Sihvola (School of Electrical Engineering): conferrer
  • Professor Miina Rautiainen (School of Electrical Engineering): master of ceremonies
  • Professor Ville Viikari (School of Electrical Engineering): master of ceremonies
  • Professor Ari Koskinen (School of Chemical Engineering)
  • Professor Kirsi Virrantaus (School of Engineering)
  • Professor Riitta Salmelin (School of Science)
  • Development manager Outi Elina Kansanen (School of Electrical Engineering)
  • Senior Communications Specialist Niina Norjamäki (School of Electrical Engineering)
  • Dean's Executive Assistant Harriet Jehkonen (School of Electrical Engineering)
  • Project Manager Tatu Pohjola ( Aalto University Communications Services)
  • Conferment Ceremony Coordinator Nicoletta Michieletto (School of Electrical Engineering)


Honorary doctorates

The Conferment Committee suggests to the Academic Affairs Committee the honorary doctorates to be conferred at the ceremony based on proposals of the university leadership and the schools’ deans. See the list of Honorary Doctors here.

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