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Occupational safety election 2023 – Candidates at joint services election

Election will be organised by electronic voting on 20.11.–24.11. at joint services. Personnel included in the electoral lists in joint services are entitled to vote.

The election of the occupational health and safety representatives and their deputies at Aalto University takes place at the end of November.

Online voting will start on 20 November 2023 at 10:00 and end on 24 November 2023 at 14:00 at joint services only. Personnel included in the electoral lists in joint services are entitled to vote.

In the election, one occupational safety and health representative and two deputies will be elected for the joint services of Aalto. As all candidates have registered as candidates either for all positions or only for the position of occupational safety representative, only one election for the occupational safety representative will be held and the persons with the next highest numbers of votes will be elected as deputy councillors if they are also candidates for the deputy positions.

Candidates in the election are listed on this page.

Link to the voting system

Harri Ruutiainen
Harri Ruutiainen

2. Harri Ruutiainen

Hello voter,

For me, Aalto University is an excellent vantage point for the scientific community and its challenges. Throughout my time at Aalto, I have had the opportunity to train, learn new things, and progress to new tasks.

I am now applying to become an occupational health and safety representative, order to be able to participate in the development of occupational well-being and improving the comfort of the personnel at work.

I have attended and received occupational health and safety training.

information and practical lessons by occupational health and safety.

In my current position in the university's shared services, I have gotten to know new challenges and nice colleagues.

I have worked as a basketball coach for about 30 years, where the importance of team spirit, well-being and community are emhasized. As a coach, I have had to solve various problems and situations, which can be compared very well to the work community.

On the other hand, experience in former workplaces has also given perspective to dealings with the employer side. I have been working with security technology for over 10 years Vartioässät,

Engel and Securitas technology. I have an education in Electronics-as and a special profession in the field of security, I took a course and, through an accident, re-educated As Oy as a property manager, which I worked for 2 years, after which I moved to Aalto's service. Ea2 also visited.

My goal is to be elected as an occupational health and safety representative.

 I feel that the biggest challenge in Aalto is that, due to organizational changes, the community has fragmented and, at the same time, something of the collective spirit has also lost.

Thank you for voting for me, Harri

Mikko Raskinen
Mikko Raskinen

3. Mikko Raskinen

Hi! I've been involved with Aalto University since its beginning, and through my work at the University Communications I've been able to get to know all the schools, including research, teaching and services. So I'm quite familiar with the U-level environment spanning many years.

During the ongoing 2-year period I've worked as one of our Deputy Occupational Safety Representatives for the U-level. I've also served as one of our harassment contact persons for the past years. In addition, I'm  the communications representative at the Occupational Safety Committee.

I've constantly tried to improve our work environment and the wellbeing of my colleagues with a firm belief in empathy and pre-emptive measures for example in the matters of preventing burnout, and fixing the effects of long-term work-related strain. 

I'm running for Occupational Safety Representative, and I would be very grateful for your vote!

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