Aalto Science Institute

Steering group

The Steering Group (SG) is appointed by the Dean of the School of Science (SCI).

It is chaired by the SCI Vice Dean of Research and the other members are: AScI director, two members from the Departments of Applied Physics and Computer Science, one member from each of the other SCI Departments (Mathematics and Systems Analysis, Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management), SCI manager of international relations, and representatives of other Aalto Schools as appointed on demand.

The current members of the steering group are:

Director of AScI, Professor Mikko Alava (SCI)
Professor Marina Biniari (DIEM)
Professor Synnöve Carlson (NBE)
Professor Christian Flindt (PHYS)
Professor Camilla Hollanti (MS)
Professor Alex Jung (CS)
Professor Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela (CHEM)
Professor Juho Kannala (CS)
Vice Dean, Professor Esko Kauppinen (chair; SCI)
Manager, International Relations Eija Kujanpää (SCI)
Professor Mika Sillanpää (PHYS)
Professor Juuso Välimäki (BIZ)

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