Tomasz Kucner

Tomasz Kucner

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation
Mobile Robotics

My research objective is to enable autonomous intelligent systems to efficiently and safely operate in the noisy and dynamic reality of shared human-robot environments. My conviction is that to achieve this goal it is essential to enable robots to acquire high-level knowledge through implicit ques of daily human behaviour and through enabling robots to continuously self assess and evaluate the quality of the said models. 

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  • Mobile Robotics


A 3D Terrain Generator: Enhancing Robotics Simulations with GANs

Silvia Arellano, Beatriz Otero, Tomasz Piotr Kucner, Ramon Canal 2024 Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science - 9th International Conference, LOD 2023

Exploring Large Language Models for Trajectory Prediction: A Technical Perspective

Farzeen Munir, Tsvetomila Mihaylova, Shoaib Azam, Tomasz Piotr Kucner, Ville Kyrki 2024 HRI 2024 Companion - Companion of the 2024 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

Radar-Lidar Fusion for Object Detection by Designing Effective Convolution Networks

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THÖR-Magni: Comparative Analysis of Deep Learning Models for Role-conditioned Human Mtion Prediction

Tiago Rodrigues De Almeida, Andrey Rudenko, Tim Schreiter, Yufei Zhu, Eduardo Gutierrez Maestro, Lucas Morillo-Mendez, Tomasz P. Kucner, Oscar Martinez Mozos, Martin Magnusson, Luigi Palmieri, Kai O. Arras, Achim J. Lilienthal 2023 Proceedings - 2023 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops, ICCVW 2023

Survey of maps of dynamics for mobile robots

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The ILIAD Safety Stack: Human-Aware Infrastructure-Free Navigation of Industrial Mobile Robots

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The Magni Human Motion Dataset : Accurate, Complex, Multi-Modal, Natural, Semantically-Rich and Contextualized

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Learning State-Space Models for Mapping Spatial Motion Patterns

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Yufei Zhu, Andrey Rudenko, Tomasz P. Kucner, Luigi Palmieri, Kai O. Arras, Achim J. Lilienthal, Martin Magnusson 2023 2023 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IROS 2023

Robust Structure Identification and Room Segmentation of Cluttered Indoor Environments From Occupancy Grid Maps

Matteo Luperto, Tomasz Piotr Kucner, Andrea Tassi, Martin Magnusson, Francesco Amigoni 2022 IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters