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Data Science - Student testimonials

See what our students think about studying in the Data Science major.
Angeline Jayanegara istuu oranssilla nojatuolilla ja katsoo kameraan. Taustalla näkyy tuoleja ja ikkunaa.

‘If you study data science, you won’t limit your choice of career in the future’

Before starting her Data Science studies at Aalto, Angeline Jayanegara obtained a diploma in fashion design. In the future, she would like to work as a Data Scientist in the fashion industry.

Linh Nguyen sitting in a room full of Fatboy beanbags

‘Aalto is a safe place for building your skills and confidence’

Linh Nguyen wanted to obtain a degree with good job prospects and that is why she decided to study Data Science at Aalto University

Aalto University student Anna Lebedeff

'There are not that many universities offering Data Science as a major'

Anna Lebedeff studies Data Science at Aalto University

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