Tom Bäckström

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
T412 Department of Information and Communications Engineering

My research is focused on ethically sustainable speech communications technology, which refers to methods that use resources efficiently and ecologically and which do not expose the privacy or security of user more than necessary. I am the initiator and first chair of the ISCA Special Interest Group "Security and Privacy in Speech Communication". Previously, I have contributed to several international standards such as 3GPP Enhanced Voice Services and MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding. My current research topics include privacy-preserving speech processing, disentangled representations of speech, perception and design of privacy and trust, as well as modelling of speech interaction.

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speech processing, speech coding, security and privacy in speech communication, speech enhancement, 111 Mathematics, 112 Statistics and probability, 113 Computer and information sciences, 213 Electronic, automation and communications engineering, electronics, Signal processing, Information systems science, Software engineering, operating systems, man-computer interaction, Communications engineering


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  • Speech Interaction Technology


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