Kristina Wittkowski

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
E702 Dept. Marketing

My research focuses on value co- and self-creation, specifically on the role of the customer as co- and self-creator of value. I study customers’ motives for accepting value propositions, as well as the parameters enabling and inhibiting co- and self-creation during usage. My work explores the determinants of co-and self-creation demand, identifies factors enabling co- and self-creation, including technology, and examines the downsides of co- and self-creation and related behavioral outcomes. I am particularly interested in the sharing economy as research context.

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Journal of Service Research - Best Article Finalist 2017

Runner up, for the article in JSR Volume 19, entitled "Contagious Effects of Customer Misbehavior in Access-Based Services"
Invitation or ranking in competition Department of Marketing Jun 2017

Best Reviewer of the Year 2017 – Journal of Service Theory and Practice

Recipient of award for high quality reviews and services as reviewer to the journal
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Marketing Jan 2017

From Ownership to Usage/Access of Products Implications for Retailing

Awarded for Master Thesis
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Marketing Feb 2012


What Gets Measured Gets Done : Can Self-Tracking Technologies Enhance Advice Compliance?

Kristina Wittkowski, Jan F. Klein, Tomas Falk, Jeroen J.L. Schepers, Jaakko Aspara, Kai N. Bergner 2020

Types of intelligence predict likelihood to get married and stay married

Jaakko Aspara, Kristina Wittkowski, Xueming Luo 2018

Relational Price Discounts: Consumers’ Metacognitions and Nonlinear Effects of Initial Discounts on Customer Retention

Maria Del Rio Olivares, Kristina Wittkowski, Jaakko Aspara, Tomas Falk, Pekka Mattila 2018

Contagious Effects of Customer Misbehavior in Access-Based Services

Tobias Schaefers, Kristina Wittkowski, Sabine Benoit (nee Moeller), Rosellina Ferraro 2016

The Dark Side of Customer Co-creation: Exploring the Consequences of Failed Co-created Services

Sven Heidenreich, Kristina Wittkowski, Matthias Handrich, Tomas Falk 2015

Warum Unternehmen sich für KoKonsum entscheiden

Kristina Wittkowski, Sabine Benoit, Jochen Wirtz 2015

The VAE-chain of nonownership services

Sabine Benoit, Kristina Wittkowski 2013 QUIS13 International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management Proceedings

Firms’ Intentions to Use Non-ownership Services

Kristina Wittkowski, Sabine Benoit (née Moeller), Jochen Wirtz 2013

The VAE-chain of nonownership services

Kristina Wittkowski, Sabine Benoit 2013 European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) Proceedings