Adam Foster

T304 Dept. Applied Physics

 the SIN group we apply and develop various atomistic and quantum mechanical simulation methods to study surface and interface physics at the nanoscale, with particular emphasis on working closely with experimentalists and technologists. We have comprehensive experience in applying first principles methods for studying nanoscale systems, including both quantum chemical and density functional based approaches, and static and dynamical treatments of atoms and electrons. Our research topics include nanoscale studies of friction, nanomanipulation, nanocatalysis, microelectronics, molecular electronics, self-assembly, solid-liquid interfaces, and are often partnered with state-of-art Scanning Probe Microscopy. For more information on the group please follow the links in the menu.

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Väisälä Prize

Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Surfaces and Interfaces at the Nanoscale Jan 2009


  • Surfaces and Interfaces at the Nanoscale, Professor


Automated Tip Functionalization via Machine Learning in Scanning Probe Microscopy

Benjamin Alldritt, Fedor Urtev, Niko Oinonen, Markus Aapro, Juho Kannala, Peter Liljeroth, Adam S. Foster 2022 Computer Physics Communications

Practical considerations for feature assignment in high-speed AFM of live cell membranes

Damien Hall, Adam S. Foster 2022 Biophysics and Physicobiology

Electrostatic Discovery Atomic Force Microscopy

Niko Oinonen, Chen Xu, Benjamin Alldritt, Filippo Federici Canova, Fedor Urtev, Shuning Cai, Ondřej Krejčí, Juho Kannala, Peter Liljeroth, Adam S. Foster 2022 ACS Nano

Molecule graph reconstruction from atomic force microscope images with machine learning

Niko Oinonen, Lauri Kurki, Alexander Ilin, Adam S. Foster 2022 MRS Bulletin

Manipulation of Spin Polarization in Boron-Substituted Graphene Nanoribbons

Kewei Sun, Orlando J. Silveira, Shohei Saito, Keisuke Sagisaka, Shigehiro Yamaguchi, Adam S. Foster, Shigeki Kawai 2022 ACS Nano

Probing the Structural Details of Chitin Nanocrystal–Water Interfaces by Three-Dimensional Atomic Force Microscopy

Ayhan Yurtsever, Pei Xi Wang, Fabio Priante, Ygor Morais Jaques, Kazuki Miyata, Mark J. MacLachlan, Adam S. Foster, Takeshi Fukuma 2022 Small Methods

Biphenylene network: A nonbenzenoid carbon allotrope

Qitang Fan, Linghao Yan, Matthias R. Trip, Ondrej Krejci, Stavrina Dimosthenous, Stefan R. Kachel, Mengyi Chen, Adam Foster, Peter Liljeroth, J. Michael Gottfried 2021 Science

Inhibition of Silica Nanoparticle Adhesion to Poly(vinyl alcohol) Surfaces by Ammonia-Mediated Hydration

Takahiko Ikarashi, Takumi Yoshino, Naoki Nakajima, Kazuki Miyata, Keisuke Miyazawa, Ygor Morais Jaques, Adam S. Foster, Megumi Uno, Chikako Takatoh, Takeshi Fukuma 2021 ACS Applied Nano Materials

Electronic and Magnetic Characterization of Epitaxial CrBr3 Monolayers on a Superconducting Substrate

Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Orlando J. Silveira, Md N. Huda, Viliam Vaňo, Markus Aapro, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Jouko Lahtinen, Rhodri Mansell, Sebastiaan van Dijken, Adam S. Foster, Peter Liljeroth 2021 Advanced Materials

High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy of the Structure and Dynamics of Calcite Nanoscale Etch Pits

Kazuki Miyata, Kazuyoshi Takeuchi, Yuta Kawagoe, Peter Spijker, John Tracey, Adam S. Foster, Takeshi Fukuma 2021 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters