Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology - Chemical Engineering

Do you want to apply mathematics and computational techniques to chemistry, biochemistry, life sciences, and chemical engineering? In the Chemical Engineering major, you have an opportunity to excel in these and many other fields with a solid and modern engineering background which you will get in this programme. This unique combination of skills opens up great future career opportunities in research, applied engineering, or management. A chemical engineer with a responsible mindset can have a huge positive impact to the quality of lives for many, and help to improve environment.
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Tekniikan kandidaatti + diplomi-insinööri


7.1.2021 – 20.1.2021




3+2 vuotta, täysipäiväinen


Yleinen korkeakoulukelpoisuus




180+120 opintopistettä


Kemian tekniikan korkeakoulu


EU/ETA-alueen ulkopuoliset kansalaiset, €12000/v (kandidaattiopinnot) + €15000/v (maisteriopinnot)

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Haku Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology -kandidaattiohjelmaan, tekniikan kandidaatti ja diplomi-insinööri (3 v + 2 v)

About the studies

Study objectives

In the Chemical engineering major in Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology students learn the basic skills and knowledge required for a transition from an oil-based to a sustainable society. Utilizing natural resources is vital for a sustainable way of living and will be crucial for future economic growth, as it will provide also new business opportunities.

The focus of the major is on biotechnology and biomaterials, complementing the strong basics in mathematics and programming obtained in the basic studies. Harnessing the tools offered by chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology and engineering the major introduces how bio-based “thinking” will help in finding novel solutions to make this world more sustainable and create innovative products and solutions for applications ranging from construction materials and textiles to biofuels and medicine.

This skills combination is very powerful and allows you to specialize in many fields of chemistry and biotechnology as well as life science related topics in your further Master studies.

The language of instruction

The programme is conducted entirely in English, meaning that all courses and exams are in English. For students with sufficient proficiency in Finnish, it is also possible to study the 20-25 credit minor subject of the bachelor’s degree in Finnish.

Studies at the master’s level can also be completed entirely in English.

Content of the studies

You will get basic knowledge of chemistry and biochemistry. Furthermore, you will be introduced to material sciences and polymer technology, related natural raw materials, product design, and related industrial processes. Your knowledge will be finally combined in a Bachelor thesis with a topic relevant to your studies.

Structure of the studies

The bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) is composed of basic studies of the programme (65 ECTS mathematics, programming, industrial engineering and management, obligatory languages, Aalto studies, orientation), the major in chemical engineering (65 ECTS including BSc thesis and seminar), the minor (20-25 ECTS) and elective studies (25-30 ECTS).

See the current programme curriculum on the student portal Into.

Tuition fees

Non-EU/EEA students selected to the Chemical Engineering major will be charged a tuition fee of €12000 per academic year. They are eligible to apply for scholarships awarded from the Aalto University Scholarship programme. More information on Scholarships and Tuition Fees page (aalto.fi).


By completing the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology, you will earn a Bachelor of Science (Technology) degree (180 ECTS), or tekniikan kandidaatti in Finnish. The degree is designed to be completed in three years.

After graduating from the BSc Programme the student automatically has the right to continue studies in selected master's programmes. By completing the Master's programme in field of Technology in Aalto University, you will earn a Master of Science (Technology) degree (120 ECTS), or diplomi-insinööri in Finnish.



The study environment in Aalto University is strongly international and studies are conducted in multicultural groups.

Aalto University also offers diverse possibilities for developing one’s global competence by e.g., completing part of the degree abroad in an international partner university (exchange studies), taking a summer course abroad or acting as a tutor for first-year students.

Career opportunities

This major gives you opportunity to select various MSc level study paths, after which many doors are open to you. You can for example:

  • Select a researcher career focusing on topics that interest you most
  • Aim at chemical industry, which has a huge global impact, and in Finland covers about 1/5 of industrial production and export
  • Serve society in various ways

Further study options

After graduating from Chemical Engineering major in Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology, you are directly entitled to enter the following MSc majors.
Master's Programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering (School of CHEM):

  • Biomass refining
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Fibre and Polymer Engineering
  • Sustainable Metals Processing

Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies (School of SCI):

  • Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering.

With a few additional courses (lectured in Finnish), the student can also be selected to other Master level majors in Master's Programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering.

Graduates can work at the interface of natural sciences, engineering and computing within the chemical engineering or biotechnology industries or in a field related to life sciences.

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Contact information

For enquiries regarding the application process and application documents, please contact [email protected].

For enquiries regarding the content of programme and studies, please contact the Learning Services of Aalto University School of Science, [email protected].

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