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Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Human-Computer Interaction - Student testimonials

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Aalto university / students at computer / photo by Unto Rautio

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Aalto University / Viet Ba Mai

I have been interested in technology and how to make it better support people. I was excited to find Aalto University, which offers a large variety of interesting and diverse courses related to Human-Computer Interaction. At Aalto, I was able enrich my knowledge and skills from very different perspectives, including engineering, computer science, cognitive science and neuroscience. Through schoolwork, I became familiar with both academic and industrial methods and practices. Moreover, many courses I attended gave the chance to collaborate on projects with companies and scholars, allowing me to gain highly valuable and memorable experiences. The teachers are truly passionate about their topics and provide great guidance to students. Aalto University is a great place to study and opens up many opportunities for its students.

Viet Ba Mai

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