Yu Tian

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T300 School services, SCI
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A perspective on the enabling technologies of explainable AI-based industrial packetized energy management

Daniel Gutierrez-Rojas, Arun Narayanan, Cássia R. Santos Nunes Almeida, Gustavo M. Almeida, Diana Pfau, Yu Tian, Xu Yang, Alex Jung, Pedro H.J. Nardelli 2023 iScience

Clustered Federated Learning via Generalized Total Variation Minimization

Yasmin SarcheshmehPour, Yu Tian, Linli Zhang, Alexander Jung 2023 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Wind to start the dishwasher? High-Resolution Wind Atlas for Finland

Yu Tian, Xu Yang, Irene Schicker, Alexander Jung 2023

Wind to start the washing machine? High-Resolution Wind Atlas for Finland

X. Yang, Y. Tian, I. Schicker, A. Jung 2023 arXiv.org

Explainable empirical risk minimization

Linli Zhang, Georgios Karakasidis, Arina Odnoblyudova, Leyla Dogruel, Yu Tian, Alex Jung 2023 Neural Computing and Applications

Flow-Based Clustering and Spectral Clustering

Y. Sarcheshmehpour, Y. Tian, L. Zhang, A. Jung 2021 55th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, ACSSC 2021