Yogesh Kumar

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T313 Dept. Computer Science
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  • Professorship Marttinen P., Doctoral Researcher


Self-Supervised Forecasting in Electronic Health Records with Attention-Free Models

Yogesh Kumar, Alexander Ilin, Henri Salo, Sangita Kulathinal, Maarit K. Leinonen, Pekka Marttinen 2024

Deconfounded Representation Similarity for Comparison of Neural Networks

Tianyu Cui, Yogesh Kumar, Pekka Marttinen, Samuel Kaski 2022 Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 35 (NeurIPS 2022)

Predicting utilization of healthcare services from individual disease trajectories using RNNs with multi-headed attention

Yogesh Kumar, Henri Salo, Tuomo Nieminen, Kristian Vepsäläinen, Sangita Kulathinal, Pekka Marttinen 2020 Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) at NeurIPS 2019