Xiaolong Liu

Academy Research Fellow
Academy Research Fellow
T411 Dept. Electronics and Nanoeng
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Academy Research Fellowship

Granted funding (personal grants) Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering May 2023


  • Hele Savin Group, Academy Research Fellow


Excellent Responsivity and Low Dark Current Obtained with Metal-Assisted Chemical Etched Si Photodiode

Kexun Chen, Olli Setälä, Xiaolong Liu, Behrad Radfar, Toni Pasanen, Michael Serue, Juha Heinonen, Hele Savin, Ville Vähänissi 2023 IEEE Sensors Journal

(oral talk) Surface Passivation and Charge Transfer at TiO2/Si Interface

Xiaolong Liu, Ramsha Khan, Hannu Pasanen, Harri Ali-Löytty, Ville Vähänissi, Mika Valden, Nikolai V. Tkachenko, Hele Savin 2023

(poster) Contact formation via femtosecond-laser hyperdoping in silicon optoelectronic devices

Xiaolong Liu, Kexun Chen, Behrad Radfar, Patrick Mc Kearney, Simon Paulus, Sören Schäfer, Michael Serué, Doris Mutschall, Vesa Koskinen, Toni Pasanen, Ville Vähänissi, Mikko Juntunen, Stefan Kontermann, Hele Savin 2023

(poster) Surface Passivation of Si by Atomic Layer Deposited TiO2

Xiaolong Liu, Ville Vähänissi, Hele Savin, Ramsha Khan, Hannu Pasanen, Harri Ali-Löytty, Mika Valden, Nikolai V. Tkachenko 2023

(poster) Highly Sensitive Ultra Violet Sensor

Arto Niemela, Juha Laurila, Toni Hovatta, Heikki Sipilä, Xiaolong Liu, Hele Savin 2023

Optoelectronic properties of black silicon fabricated by femtosecond laser in ambient air: exploring a large parameter space

Behrad Radfar, Kexun Chen, Olli Setälä, Ville Vähänissi, Hele Savin, Xiaolong Liu 2023 Optics Letters

(oral talk) Nanostructured Silicon Hyperdoped with Se by Ion Implantation and Flash Lamp Annealing

Behrad Radfar, Xiaolong Liu, Slawomir Prucnal, Mohd Saif Shaikh, Ulrich Kentsch, Ville Vähänissi, Yonder Berencén, Shengqiang Zhou, Hele Savin 2023

(oral talk) Effective carrier lifetime in ultrashort pulse laser hyperdoped silicon: dopant concentration dependence and practical upper limits

Sören Schäfer, Xiaolong Liu, Patrick Mc Kearney, Simon Paulus, Behrad Radfar, Ville Vähänissi, Hele Savin, Stefan Kontermann 2023

Boron-implanted black silicon photodiode with close-to-ideal responsivity from 200 to 1000 nm

Olli Setälä, Kexun Chen, Toni Pasanen, Xiaolong Liu, Behrad Radfar, Ville Vähänissi, Hele Savin 2023 ACS Photonics

Hyperdoping-regulated room-temperature NO2 gas sensing performances of black silicon based on lateral photovoltaic effect

Wenjing Wang, Hua Li, Xiaolong Liu, Shengxiang Ma, Yang Zhao, Binbin Dong, Yuan Li, Xijing Ning, Li Zhao, Jun Zhuang 2023 Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical