Nurul Anwar

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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  • Materials to Products, Doctoral Researcher


Effect of Additives on Heat Hardened Inorganic Solid Foundry Binder

Nurul Anwar, Katarzyna Major-Gabryś, Kalle Jalava, Juhani Orkas 2024 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF METALCASTING

Experimental Study of Inorganic Foundry Sand Binders for Mold and Cast Quality

Nurul Anwar, Kalle Jalava, Juhani Orkas 2023 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF METALCASTING

Comparative experimental study of sand and binder for flowability and casting mold quality

Nurul Anwar, Tommi Sappinen, Kalle Jalava, Juhani Orkas 2021 Advanced Powder Technology