Nam Ha Van

Research Fellow
Research Fellow
T410 Dept. Electrical Engineering and Automation
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  • Industrial and Power Electronics, Research Fellow


Mid-range wireless power transfer : anapoles or magnetic dipoles?

N Ha-Van, CR Simovski, VS Asadchy, SA Tretyakov 2024

Design and Performance Analysis of a Repeater-Assisted, Multi-Receiver Wireless Power Transfer System Operating At MHz Frequencies

Yining Liu, Nam Ha-Van, Prasad Jayathurathnage, Jorma Kyyra, Sergei A. Tretyakov 2024

Noncoherent Power Combining for Free-Positioning Wireless Power Transfer in Large Area

Yining Liu, Shamsul Arefeen Al Mahmud, Nam Ha-Van, Prasad Jayathurathnage, Jorma Kyyra, Sergei A. Tretyakov 2024

Time-varying systems to improve the efficiency of wireless power transfer

Xuchen Wang, I. Krois, N. Ha-Van, M. S. Mirmoosa, P. Jayathurathnage, S. Hrabar, S. A. Tretyakov 2024

Effective Midrange Wireless Power Transfer with Compensated Radiation Loss

N. Ha-Van, C. R. Simovski, F. S. Cuesta, P. Jayathurathnage, S. A. Tretyakov 2023

Radiation Suppression Regime in Wireless Power Transfer between Two Loop Antennas

Nam Ha-Van, Constantin R. Simovski, Francisco S. Cuesta, Prasad Jayathurathnage, Sergei A. Tretyakov 2023 2023 53rd European Microwave Conference, EuMC 2023

Non-Coherent Power Combining for Self-Tuning Omnidirectional Wireless Power Transfer

Yining Liu, Nam Ha-Van, Prasad Jayathurathnage, Jorma Kyyrä, Sergei A. Tretiakov 2023 2023 25th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE 2023 ECCE Europe

Antenna bandwidth engineering through time-varying resistance

Mohamed Mostafa, N Ha-Van, P Jayathurathnage, Xuchen Wang, G Ptitcyn, Sergei Tretyakov 2023

Enhancing the Stability of Wireless Power Transfer System in Lateral Misalignment

Chi Dat Pham, Thanh Long Nguyen, Nam Ha Van, Minh Thuy Le 2023

Cylindrical Transmitting Coil for Two-Dimensional Omnidirectional Wireless Power Transfer

Nam Van Ha, Yining Liu, Prasad Kumara Sampath Jayathurathnage, Constantin Simovski, Sergei Tretyakov 2022