Monika Österberg

T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems

Research on bio-based material science and surface chemistry of lignocellulosics. Efforts are laid on finding novel application possibilities for the main plant polymers; cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose. The approach to reach these goals is to focus on fundamental insight in surface chemistry of biomaterials at the nanoscale, with a special focus on interaction forces.

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The Finnish Centre for Nanocellulosic Technologies, Award for “Networking” (Vuoden verkottuja)

Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Jan 2008


  • Bioproduct Chemistry, Professor


Bioactive Fiber Foam Films from Cellulose and Willow Bark Extract with Improved Water Tolerance

Tia Lohtander, Tetyana Koso, Ngoc Huynh, Tuomo Hjelt, Marie Gestranius, Alistair W.T. King, Monika Österberg, Suvi Arola 2024 ACS Omega

Chitosan hydrogels enriched with bioactive phloroglucinol for controlled drug diffusion and potential wound healing

Roberta Teixeira Polez, Margaret A. Ajiboye, Monika Österberg, Marilia M. Horn 2024 International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

In Situ Adsorption of Red Onion (Allium cepa) Natural Dye on Cellulose Model Films and Fabrics Exploiting Chitosan as a Natural Mordant

Rafael Grande, Riikka Räisänen, Jinze Dou, Satu Rajala, Kiia Malinen, Paula A. Nousiainen, Monika Österberg 2023 ACS Omega

Transparent lignin nanoparticles for superhydrophilic antifogging coatings and photonic films

Karl Alexander Henn, Sahar Babaeipour, Susanna Forssell, Paula Nousiainen, Kristoffer Meinander, Pekka Oinas, Monika Österberg 2023 Chemical Engineering Journal

Tuning the water interactions of cellulose nanofibril hydrogels using willow bark extract

Ngoc Huynh, Juan José Valle-Delgado, Wenwen Fang, Suvi Arola, Monika Österberg 2023 Carbohydrate Polymers

Toward Corneal Limbus In Vitro Model: Regulation of hPSC-LSC Phenotype by Matrix Stiffness and Topography During Cell Differentiation Process

Maija Kauppila, Anni Mörö, Juan José Valle-Delgado, Teemu Ihalainen, Lassi Sukki, Paula Puistola, Pasi Kallio, Tanja Ilmarinen, Monika Österberg, Heli Skottman 2023 Advanced Healthcare Materials

Researching biocolour

Päivi Laaksonen, Monika Österberg, Juha Jordan 2023 Biocolours: Sustainable stories from nature, lab and industry

Combining Rigid Cellulose Nanocrystals and Soft Silk Proteins: Revealing Interactions and Alignment in Shear

Ilona Leppänen, Suvi Arola, Alistair W.T. King, Miriam Unger, Hartmut Stadler, Gry Sofie Nissen, Charlotte Zborowski, Tommi Virtanen, Juha Salmela, Harri Setälä, Stephanie Lésage, Monika Österberg, Tekla Tammelin 2023 Advanced Materials Interfaces

FinnCERES Flagship – A Competence Centre for the Materials Bioeconomy

Tekla Tammelin, Stina Grönqvist, Jukka Hassinen, Monika Österberg, Orlando J. Rojas 2023 NWBC 2022

Characterization of cell-biomaterial adhesion forces that influence 3D cell culture

Roberta Teixeira Polez, Ngoc Huynh, Christopher Pridgeon, Juan José Valle-Delgado, Riina Harjumäki, Monika Österberg 2023