Masoud Kaveh

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T412 Department of Information and Communications Engineering
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  • Network Security and Trust, Postdoctoral Researcher


An efficient authentication protocol for smart grid communication based on on-chip-error-correcting physical unclonable function

Masoud Kaveh, Mohammad Reza Mosavi, Diego Martín, Saeed Aghapour 2023 Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks

SecrecyPerformance Analysis of Backscatter Communications with Side Information

Masoud Kaveh, Farshad Rostami Ghadi, Riku Jäntti, Zheng Yan 2023 Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)

Secrecy Performance Analysis of RIS-Aided Smart Grid Communications

M Kaveh, Zheng Yan, R Jäntti 2023 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

TDMBBO: a novel three-dimensional migration model of biogeography-based optimization (case study: facility planning and benchmark problems)

Mehrdad Kaveh, Mohammad Saadi Mesgari, Diego Martín, Masoud Kaveh 2023 JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING

MCRO-PUF: A Novel Modified Crossover RO-PUF with an Ultra-Expanded CRP Space

Hassan Rabiei, Masoud Kaveh, Mohammad Reza Mosavi, Diego Martín 2023 Computers, Materials and Continua

BatAu: A Batch Authentication Scheme for Backscatter Devices in a Smart Home Network

Yishan Yang, Masoud Kaveh, Jiajun Li, Yifan Zhang, Zheng Yan, Kai Zeng 2023 ICC 2023 - IEEE International Conference on Communications