Linh Truong

Linh Truong

Associate Professor
T313 Dept. Computer Science
Associate Professor

I am an associate professor (tenured) at Department of Computer Science at School of Science, Aalto University, Finland. I am leading the AaltoSEA Group on Systems and Services Engineering Analytics. I am also a Priv.-Doz. (Adjunct Associate Professor) at the Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien.

For information about my professional work see my current profile here. Google scholar shows up-to-date my citations and here is the list of publications. For my research team, see information about my research team.

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Cloud computing, analytics, software systems, services computing, Internet of Things, distributed systems, Big Data, 113 Computer and information sciences


  • Computer Science Professors, Professor (Associate Professor)
  • Computer Science - Computing Systems (ComputingSystems), Professor (Associate Professor)