Juha Huuki

University Lecturer
University Lecturer
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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Effects of ultrasonic burnishing on the surface quality of corrosion-resistant tool steel using a hard-carbon-coated burnishing tool

Juha Huuki, Rizwan Ullah, Agbemon Fangnon 2023 Material Forming: The 26th International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming - ESAFORM 2023 - held in Kraków, Poland, April 19-21, 2023

Effect of Ultrasonic Burnishing parameters on Burnished-surface quality of Stainless Steel after Heat Treatment

Rizwan Ullah, Agbemon Fangnon, Juha Huuki 2022 Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing

Surface modification of additively manufactured 18% Nickel Maraging steel by ultrasonic vibration-assisted ball burnishing

Inigo Flores Ituarte, Mika Salmi, Suvi Papula, Juha Huuki, Björn Hemming, Eric Coatanea, Seppo Nurmi, Iikka Virkkunen 2020

Process limitation of ultrasonic burnishing for commercially available martensitic stainless steel

Juha Huuki, Rizwan Ullah, Sampsa Laakso 2020 30th International Conferece on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2021)

Effect of tangential misalignment in ultrasonic burnishing

Juha Huuki, Sampsa V. A. Laakso, Rizwan Ullah 2019 29th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2019), June 24-28, 2019, Limerick, Ireland