Jarmo Ruohonen

T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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Cortical reactivity and connectivity can be revealed by combining magnetic stimulation and high-resolution EEG

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Multichannel magnetic stimulation, a new brain mapping tool

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Neuronal responses to magnetic stimulation reveal cortical reactivity and connectivity

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Optimal one- and two-dimensional filtering of transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions

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Aivoalueiden yhteydet vihdoinkin mitattavissa

J. Ruohonen, R. Ilmoniemi 1997 Tiede 2000

Aivoalueiden yhteydet vihdoin mitattavissa

J. Ruohonen, R. Ilmoniemi 1997 Tiede 2000

Coil optimization for magnetic brain stimulation

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Modeling peripheral nerve stimulation using magnetic fields

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Stereotactic targeting of magnetic brain stimulation: computer-assisted multichannel design

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