Jari Collin

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor
T313 Dept. Computer Science

Dr Jari Collin is a Professor (adjunct professor) of Enterprise Information Systems and Service Networks at Aalto University, Finland. His areas of specialization include industrial internet, digital services, and management of demand supply networks. He obtained his M.Sc. degree in Industrial Management from Tampere University of Technology in 1996 and his D.Sc. degree in Industrial Management from Helsinki University of Technology (currently part of Aalto University) in 2003.

Professor Collin's current research is focused on the application of industrial internet and 5G. Special interest is on building new data-driven business models for traditional manufacturing companies. He is a member of Digital Disruption of Industry research program that studies the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish society through the lens of the industry. Collin is a co-writer of industrial internet book published in 2016.  In 2013-15 professor Collin led ACIO research program that studied how Finnish information intensive organizations utilize ICT in developing and managing critical business capabilities for improved competitiveness.

Professor Collin has published a number of journal and conference papers after completing his doctoral monograph (dissertation passed with distinction). He has more than 20-year experience from the global ICT-industry in managing change programs and running IT operations. He has worked as CIO at Efora - the industrial maintenance company of Stora Enso (2014-16), CIO at Elisa (2008-2013), head of IT integration for Nokia Siemens Networks (2006-08), Delivery Process Owner at Nokia Networks (2003-06), and hold several management / specialist positions at Nokia (1994-2003). Currently, he works for Telia Finland as CTO.

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Plan for Supply Chain Agility - Lessons from Mobile Infrastructure Industry

2005 ICAM 2005 International Conference on Agility
Award or honor granted for a specific work Mäntylä Martti group Jul 2005


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