Igor Todoshchenko

T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Quantum Circuits and Correlations, Postdoctoral Researcher


Evidence for Magnetic Crystallization Waves at the Surface of 3He Crystal

I. Todoshchenko, A. Savin, P. J. Hakonen 2024 Journal of Low Temperature Physics

Topologically-imposed vacancies and mobile solid 3He on carbon nanotube

I. Todoshchenko, M. Kamada, J. P. Kaikkonen, Y. Liao, A. Savin, M. Will, E. Sergeicheva, T. S. Abhilash, E. Kauppinen, P. J. Hakonen 2022 Nature Communications

A graphene resonator as an ultrasound detector for generalized Love waves in a polymer film with two level states

Antti Laitinen, Jukka-Pekka Kaikkonen, Thanniyil S. Abhilash, Igor Todoshchenko, Juuso Manninen, Vladislav Zavyalov, Alexander Savin, Andreas Isacsson, Pertti J. Hakonen 2019 Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics

Finite-size effects in thermodynamics

I. Todoshchenko 2018 Physical Review B

An Enhanced Facet Determination Scheme in 3D

M. Reivinen, Eero-Matti Salonen, I. Todoshchenko, V. P. Vaskelainen 2017 Journal of Low Temperature Physics

Quartz tuning fork as a probe of surface oscillations

I. Todoshchenko, A. Savin, M. Haataja, J. P. Kaikkonen, P. J. Hakonen 2017 Applied Physics Letters

Surface Waves on the Superfluids 3He and 4He

Matti Manninen, Antti Ranni, J. Rysti, I. A. Todoshchenko, J. T. Tuoriniemi 2016 Journal of Low Temperature Physics

Equilibrium Crystal Shapes by Virtual Work in 3D

Mika Reivinen, Eero-Matti Salonen, Igor Todoshchenko, Vesa P. Vaskelainen 2015 Journal of Low Temperature Physics

Plastic Properties of Solid 4He Probed by a Moving Wire: Viscoelastic and Stochastic Behavior Under High Stress

S.L. Ahlstrom, D.I. Bradley, M. Clovecko, S.N. Fisher, A.M. Guénault, E.A. Guise, R.P. Haley, M. Kumar, P.V.E. McClintock, G.R. Pickett, E. Polturak, M. Poole, I. Todoshchenko, V. Tsepelin, A.J. Woods 2014 Journal of Low Temperature Physics