Heidi Maarit Uppa

A899 School common, ARTS
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Value Shop, interactive installation

Heidi Uppa, Apaar Tuli 2020

Chocolate Packages as Representations of Cultural Taste in Finland and Russia

Heidi Uppa 2016 2nd International Conference on Food Design

Deepening Cultural Knowledge

Heidi Uppa, Tania Rodriguez-Kaarto 2016 Beyond the Superficial, Making Sense of Food in a Global World

Food reflections exhibition

Heidi Uppa 2016

Designing for Sustainability: Fostering Reflection in the Design Process

Eva Durall, Heidi Uppa, Teemu Leinonen 2015 Nordes 2015: Design Ecologies, No 6 (2015)

Experiences with Service Design Tools for Visualising and Prototyping

Danielle Pichlis, Mikko Raatikainen, Sofia Pusa, Heidi Uppa, Marja Seliger 2015 The International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) Congress, Brisbane, Australia, November 2-5, 2015