Gregory Beaune

Gregory Beaune

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Research Fellow
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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Konemiehentie 1 02150 Espoo Finland


  • Active Matter, Research Fellow


Compressibility and porosity modulate the mechanical properties of giant gas vesicles

Hedar H. Al-Terke, Grégory Beaune, Muhammad Junaid, Jani Seitsonen, Arja Paananen, Jaakko V.I. Timonen, Jussi Joensuu, Françoise Brochard-Wyart, Robin H.A. Ras 2023 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

pH-Responsive Near-Infrared Emitting Gold Nanoclusters

Shaochen Zhou, Lotta Gustavsson, Grégory Beaune, Sourov Chandra, Jukka Niskanen, Janne Ruokolainen, Jaakko V. I. Timonen, Olli Ikkala, Bo Peng, Robin H. A. Ras 2023 Angewandte Chemie

Fusion Dynamics of Hybrid Cell–Microparticle Aggregates

Grégory Beaune, Laura Sinkkonen, David Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Jaakko V.I. Timonen, Françoise Brochard-Wyart 2022 Langmuir

Recombinant protein condensation inside E. coli enables the development of building blocks for bioinspired materials engineering – Biomimetic spider silk protein as a case study

Bartosz Gabryelczyk, Fred-Eric Sammalisto, Julie-Anne Gandier, Jianhui Feng, Grégory Beaune, Jaakko V.I. Timonen, Markus B. Linder 2022 Materials Today Bio

β-1,3-Glucan synthesis, novel supramolecular self-assembly, characterization and application

Robert Pylkkänen, Pezhman Mohammadi, Ville Liljeström, Wojciech Płaziński, Grégory Beaune, Jaakko Timonen, Merja Penttilä 2022 Nanoscale

Ferrofluidic aqueous two-phase system with ultralow interfacial tension and micro-pattern formation

Carlo Rigoni, Grégory Beaune, Bent Harnist, Fereshteh Sohrabi, Jaakko V.I. Timonen 2022 Communications Materials

Inert-living matter, when cells and beads play together

Usharani Nagarajan, Grégory Beaune, Andy Y.W. Lam, David Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Françoise M. Winnik, Françoise Brochard-Wyart 2021 Communications Physics

Ferrofluid Microdroplet Splitting for Population-Based Microfluidics and Interfacial Tensiometry

Mika Latikka, Matilda Backholm, Avijit Baidya, Alberto Ballesio, Amandine Serve, Grégory Beaune, Jaakko V.I. Timonen, Thalappil Pradeep, Robin H.A. Ras 2020 Advanced Science

Controllable coacervation of recombinantly produced spider silk protein using kosmotropic salts

Pezhman Mohammadi, Jonkergouw Christopher, Grégory Beaune, Peter Engelhardt, Ayaka Kamada, Jaakko V.I. Timonen, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, Merja Penttila, Markus B. Linder 2020 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Phthalocyanine–Virus Nanofibers as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Continuous-Flow Photo-Oxidation Processes

Eduardo Anaya-Plaza, Ana Aljarilla, Grégory Beaune, Jaakko V.I. Timonen, Andrés de la Escosura, Tomás Torres, Mauri A. Kostiainen 2019 Advanced Materials

Highly Luminescent Gold Nanocluster Frameworks

Sourov Chandra, Nonappa Nonappa, Grégory Beaune, Anirban Som, Shaochen Zhou, Jouko Lahtinen, Hua Jiang, Jaakko Timonen, Olli Ikkala, Robin Ras 2019 ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS

Self-Coacervation of a Silk-Like Protein and Its Use As an Adhesive for Cellulosic Materials

Pezhman Mohammadi, Grégory Beaune, Bjørn Torger Stokke, Jaakko V.I. Timonen, Markus B. Linder 2018 ACS Macro Letters

A one-pot synthesis of water soluble highly fluorescent silica nanoparticles

Sourov Chandra, Grégory Beaune, Naoto Shirahata, Françoise M. Winnik 2017 Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Functional double-shelled silicon nanocrystals for two-photon fluorescence cell imaging : Spectral evolution and tuning

Sourov Chandra, Batu Ghosh, Grégory Beaune, Usharani Nagarajan, Takao Yasui, Jin Nakamura, Tohru Tsuruoka, Yoshinobu Baba, Naoto Shirahata, Françoise M. Winnik 2016 Nanoscale