Goncalo Sorger

T212 Mechanical Engineering
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Dean’s Publication Awards 2019

Award for best publication of the year (2019).
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Mechanical Engineering Jan 2019


  • Materials to Products, Visitor (Faculty)


Enabling electrical response through piezoelectric particle integration in AA2017-T451 aluminium parts using FSP technology

Pedro M. Ferreira, David Caçador, Miguel A. Machado, Marta S. Carvalho, Pedro Vilaça, Gonçalo Sorger, Francisco Werley Cipriano Farias, Arthur Ribeiro Figueiredo, Catarina Vidal 2024

Self-sensing metallic material based on PZT particles produced by friction stir processing envisaging structural health monitoring applications

Pedro M. Ferreira, Miguel A. Machado, Marta S. Carvalho, Pedro Vilaça, Gonçalo Sorger, Joana Vaz Pinto, Jonas Deuermeier, Catarina Vidal 2023

Microstructure and mechanical properties of 9% nickel steel welded by FSW

Jaime Casanova, Gonçalo Sorger, Pedro Vilaça, Sérgio Duarte Brandi 2020

Non-destructive microstructural analysis by electrical conductivity

Gonçalo L. Sorger, J. P. Oliveira, Patrick L. Inácio, Norbert Enzinger, Pedro Vilaça, R. M. Miranda, Telmo G. Santos 2019

Friction Stir Welding of 9% Nickel Steel

Jaime Casanova, Goncalo Lourenco Sorger, Pedro Santos Vilaca da Silva, Sérgio Duarte Brandi 2018 12th lnternational Symposium on Friction Stir Welding

Effect of processing temperatures on the properties of a high-strength steel welded by FSW

Gonçalo Sorger, Teemu Sarikka, Pedro Vilaça, Telmo G. Santos 2018

Microstructure and fatigue properties of friction stir welded high-strength steel plates

Gonçalo Sorger, Eero Lehtimäki, Susanna Hurme, Heikki Remes, Pedro Vilaça, Lars Molter 2018

Effect of processing temperatures on the properties of high strength steel welded by FSW

Goncalo Lourenco Sorger, Teemu Sarikka, Pedro Santos Vilaca da Silva, Telmo G. Santos 2017 70th International Institute of Welding Annual Assembly and International Conference, IIW 2017