Frank Martela

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T307 Dept. Industrial Engineering and Management
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The virtuous cycle of prosocial behaviour and perceived prosocial impact in organizations : a longitudinal three-wave study

Marcos Gómez, Álvaro Espejo, Frank Martela, Catalina Bastías, Diego Bravo, Wencesalo Unanue 2024 European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Interpersonal mattering and the experience of meaning in life

Devin Guthrie, Joe Maffly-Kipp, Chase Gause, Jinhyung Kim, Frank Martela, Joshua A. Hicks 2024 JOURNAL OF POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY

Pitfalls and Opportunities of the Therapist’s Metacommunication : A Self-determination Perspective

Édua Holmström, Virpi Liisa Kykyri, Frank Martela 2024 Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy

Which Predicts Longevity Better : Satisfaction With Life or Purpose in Life?

Frank Martela, Elmeri Laitinen, Christian Hakulinen 2024 Psychology and Aging

Needs and Well-Being Across Europe

Frank Martela, Annika Lehmus-Sun, Philip D. Parker, Anne Birgitta Pessi, Richard M. Ryan 2023 Social psychological and personality science